White bolero

Bolero is always a topical, incredibly versatile item of women's wardrobe. Every year, designers create new models that surprise with a variety of textures, decor elements and style.

Today, you can easily find a bolero, both for city walks, and for the evening exit. The main materials for this incredibly feminine thing are:

Openwork white bolero

Openwork cloth - this is a very beautiful, lightweight material that men consider one of the most feminine, so the white delicate bolero can be safely considered the personification of tenderness, romance and, of course, femininity. Its lightness and transparency can make a set with the participation of denim pants from feminine and gentle. Going on a date, you can create an image of a romantic girl thanks to a knitwear cocktail dress without bright details, a white bolero and a thin string of pearls. Such a set will look much more attractive and feminine than the most fanciful and bright dress.

Openwork bolero is rarely adorned with any elements, sometimes using silk ribbons, beads or short fur. But the decor should be very small, otherwise the delicate ease will be replaced by absolute bad taste and inappropriate chic.

Knitted white bolero

Bolero of fine and thick yarn is one of the most popular among women. It not only makes the dress more tender, but it also can warm on a cool autumn day. Knitted bolero white colors are perfectly combined with jeans, leggings of light tones. The main thing is that the bottom was made of a dense fabric, otherwise things will not be in harmony. The collar of a knitted light bolero is often decorated with luxurious fur, it can be either in the tone of the main part or in contrasting color - black or gray. Not rarely bolero has knitted patterns, which gives it even more attractiveness.

Knitted white bolero

Bolero of white jersey - this is a great addition to the urban style. A light cloak can be worn, both on a long pritalny top, and on a turtleneck. Garnishing the neck with a thin necklace of beads, you will create a stunning light image. Also, a white knitted cape can be worn over a thinner jersey so that the outfit does not seem too simple, decorate the neck with a handkerchief. Under this outfit, elegant shoes with heels, as well as comfortable ballet flats on a flat sole, are perfect.