Amy Schumer does not agree with Glamor magazine that she has the size of XXL

A well-known American actress and comedian was offended by Glamor magazine when she saw her name on the cover of a special issue. This number was dedicated to women of magnificent shapes and in it the magazine published photo shoots with Amy, Ashley Graham, Melissa McCarthy and Adele.

The actress does not consider herself a girl of size XXL

"In any size a woman is smart" - this special number came out with this motto. On the cover was the famous Ashley Graham model, and next to her photo was the inscription: "Women who inspire us." After her, 4 names of well-known girls were printed, which, in the opinion of the magazine, refer to ladies with magnificent forms.

Amy Schumer, having a very explosive nature, wrote to Instagram an appeal to the editorial office of the magazine, in which she indicated that before she could print it in this issue, it was necessary to find out her opinion. Sumer does not consider himself a lady of XXL size. As a fact, this comedian wrote that she wears 6 to 8 sizes of clothes (44 to 46 Russian), whereas in America, the size is considered to be from the 16th (54th Russian). In conclusion, the actress wrote: "Glamor posted me in its special issue, without asking my permission, and it seems to me it's ugly and wrong. Young girls will now think that if they have a physique like mine, this is already plus-size. What do you think of it? It seems to me, Glamor, that this is not glamorous and not cool. "

After such a message, the editorial board, of course, apologized, but a real scandal broke out on the Internet.

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Amy fans supported her

One of the fans of Sumer wrote in Instagram: "I do not think that you need to label and divide women in size - this is not glamorous!", Another girl expressed the opinion that such lists, this is another way of dividing people in appearance etc.

For information, all models, except for Adele, which were published in the scandalous issue of the magazine, clothing size is less than the 16th. Therefore, proceeding from the logic of Amy, they too should not be in this edition.