The continuation of "Twilight" be?

Knowingly wise people say that time is the best healer. Even relatively recently British actor Robert Pattinson could not even allow the possibility of filming in the continuation of the saga "Twilight", which made him super-famous.

And now he fully admits that he will be able to return to the joy of numerous fans of the history of modern vampires.

What prompted the performer of the role of Edward Cullen to such a decision? The fact is that about a week ago, the head of the Lionsgate film company, which screened the sensational series of books by Stephanie Meyer, said that the continuation of the movie will be. One has only to wait for a new book from an American writer.

True, the casting of future "Twilight" remains a secret. The intrigue was made by Robert Pattinson himself in a recent interview.

Reconciliation for the sake of creativity

The journalist of The Huffington Post told the actor about the words of the head of the film company and asked them to comment. Pattinson at first did not believe his ears, and then exclaimed with excitement: "Oh, yes!".

The correspondent asked again what this exclamation could mean, as if not the desire to re-immerse in "Twilight" and received the following answer:

"I can not say anything with a 100% guarantee. But then I liked being part of this story, I was inspired by this action. In general, everything was cool! ".

As we see the attitude of Robert to "Twilight" has changed a lot. Recall that at the end of the work on the franchise, the actor did not want to hear about the possibility to re-enter the skin of an intelligent bloodsucker. But now he respectfully accepts the love of the fans of the film, which allowed his authors to earn as much as $ 3 billion. The thing is that Robert Pattinson understands: his image will always be connected with the role of Edward Cullen. And it's completely pointless to give up this part of your creative biography.

What can be summed up? The fact that Pattinson voiced the opportunity to play again in "Twilight" says that he does not mind working with his ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart. They became partners not only in movies but also in life. The novel lasted 4 years and ended in a painful break in 2012, after the betrayal of Kristen.

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In October 2016, the actress, who was caught kissing the director of "Snow White and the Hunter" Rupert Sanders, told about her attitude to the novel with Pattinson. She said that their love was "fake"! Although this year Stewart changed her mind and admitted that the novel was still "real".