Benedict Cumberbatch checked his oratorical abilities with a mouth extender

What do not these journalists come up with! Over the actors, Benedict Cumberbatch and Benedict Wong, they got a good humor when they came to visit the British edition of BuzzFeed.

Initially, namesakes and colleagues on the filmstrip "Doctor Strange" were supposed to talk about the release of the film comic MARVEL on DVD. But they were offered to use oral expanders. The task of the actors was to talk with these gizmos in their mouths and even try to sing a popular song!

Beyonce in a new way

Actors with a well-developed diction, with difficulty coped with these tasks. The famous song "Single Ladies" performed by a duet of actors turned out to be almost unrecognizable. This song was chosen for a reason, because it sounds in the movie "Doctor Strange."

Even talking with a mouth opener is not easy, and singing is a true feat! It turned out really funny, although the actors themselves did not seem to be laughing - the phrases that broke out of their open mouths were unrealistic to make out.

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On this test did not end: it turned out that it was not possible to simply pronounce their names distinctly Hollywood stars.