Electric fireplaces for an apartment - how to choose the right one for an interior?

The room with a fireplace, a soft rug and armchairs has long become an attribute of home comfort. Do you still think that such luxury is available only to the owners of private country houses? Today, more and more often there are electric fireplaces for an apartment that look almost identical to real wood burning, diverse in appearance and design.

Types of electric fireplaces for an apartment

The variety of choice of modern electric fireplaces is so wide that it can be difficult to navigate, what you want, and what can fit into the design of the house. The main rule, how to choose an electric fireplace for an apartment, is to learn in detail about its main types, advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of built-in fireplaces include:

  1. Safety - the probability of ignition is almost zero. The glass is used super-strong, due to which it is almost impossible to break a fireplace by chance.
  2. Easy installation - installation of an electric fireplace will take no more than 20 minutes.
  3. Ecological - you do not have to breathe smoke and even more pollute the environment.
  4. Utility and functionality - modern electric fireplaces perfectly cope with the role of the heater.

Various materials can be used for designing the electric fireplace portal, especially popular ones:

Wall mounted electric fireplace

This version of fireplaces does not look much like a real wood fire, but there are indisputable advantages in it - it will perfectly fit into any modern stylistic trend and can become the main interior element. Wall-mounted electric fireplaces for an apartment are an ideal solution for a room with a small area. It does not take up space and can be installed above a chest of drawers, a curbstone, a television set or even over a sofa.

The cladding of the wall electric fireplace is more often reserved and laconic, glass and metal prevail. The front glass wall can be radii, such a fireplace easily fits into the ultramodern interior styles. Some models use high-quality plastic, simulating the texture of stone, tile and even wood.

Built-in electric fireplace in the interior

This is the ideal solution to the problem of what type of electric fireplace to choose for an apartment with a small area - such a source of heat does not take up space. To install a built-in fireplace, you need a niche in the wall where the electrical appliance is mounted. The effect of real flame, which is inherent in most modern models, will help create an amazing atmosphere in the house, organically combining new technologies and home comfort.

Built-in electric fireplaces can be:

Small electric fireplaces for an apartment

Not everyone likes the interior, in which the main role is played by a fireplace, for someone it can only be a good and reliable source of heat. This is more true of modern style trends, where the emphasis is on new technological advances. Modern electric fireplaces for an apartment can be small, easily fit into the design of the room and are stilted with other interior items. And it's also an excellent option for small apartments where there is no way to distinguish a corner or part of a wall.

Corner fireplaces in the interior

Many prefer electric corner fireplaces for an apartment, and not in vain - such a source of heat will help to save space by occupying an empty corner of the room. And he will add a feeling of coziness, creating a special corner of the apartment to relax from everyday vanity. Corner electric fireplaces can be the most diverse in design, decorated with marble, tiles, stone, glass or metal.

Separate attention deserves corner built-in electric fireplaces for the apartment. Unlike the usual design, such a heat source is built in the outer corner of the room, in a modern interior it looks amazing, complementing the new trendy design directions of the apartment. Another built-in fireplace can be mounted in the door or archway.

Electric fireplaces for apartments with live flames

The effect of a living flame is what most attracts the idea of ​​installing an electric fireplace in the room. For many, it may seem more flammable, but this is a great misconception. In false-firewood, often made of plastic, flickering red-orange LEDs are mounted, and reflective materials make the light brighter and more diffuse. Thus, we receive light simulating smoldering firewood. The voltage applied to the LED is minimal, so there is no doubt about the safety of the device.

Electric fireplaces with the effect of living fire in the interior - this is a real godsend for the designer. In different versions of the design of the portal, they easily and organically fit in both the classic interior of the room, and in ultramodern high-tech or modern . This effect attracts the eye, helps to relax and creates a special atmosphere of lightness and comfort.

Electric fireplace in the interior of the apartment

Decoration of the interior, you should consider all the details in the interior, especially carefully choose the electric fireplaces for the apartment, always setting the main note of style. The electric fireplace in the living room interior can be successfully used, creating a cozy atmosphere in the family leisure room and meeting guests.

You can decorate the corner by the usual picture - to put comfortable soft chairs or a comfortable sofa with a coffee table near the fireplace and create a cozy rest by the fire. You can do the same in another way, for example, mount the built-in fireplace over the TV or in a modern wall-slide .

No less beautiful and elegant electric fireplaces for the apartment will fit into the interior of the bedroom - this decision will be appreciated by lovers of romance. In different versions of the design, it fits both in a spacious bedroom in a classic style, and in a modest, restrained minimalism. To install a heat source, choose a location away from the bed - a distant wall or corner.

Electric fireplace in a modern style

Modern style can be characterized by interesting interior solutions, an abundance of new technology, unexpected, but harmonious color combinations and extraordinary comfort. Straight lines, regular shapes, a minimum of exquisite decorations, restraint and laconism and high quality of the product - that's the parameters for choosing an electric fireplace in the apartment. Correctly matched it will complement the modern style of interior.

Electric fireplace in high-tech style

In the interior, decorated in the style of hi-tech, glass and metal often prevail, therefore, when choosing a fireplace, one should immediately exclude options with large beautifully decorated portals, with ceramic or stone lining. The motto of high-tech is an abundance of new technologies, and an electric fireplace in the interior is better to choose the built-in, or the model with a glass-metal case of cool shades.

Electric fireplace in Provence style

Provence is the embodiment of home comfort and warmth, the main thing here is lightness and tenderness with an abundance of soft pastel tones, floral prints and delicate fabrics. Electric fireplace in the interior of the bedroom or living room Provence is characterized by natural materials - it can be ceramic tiles, natural stone, marble or even elements of wood. Ideally, if the fireplace portal is made in white. The fireplace will help create or supplement a special feeling of coziness, inherent in a gentle Provence.

Electric fireplaces in classical style

Among the abundance of modern solutions, the invariable classics always find their admirers, and new technologies necessarily take into account the request of consumers, creating new models of technology. So, electric fireplaces in an interior of an apartment can be with a beautiful wooden carved portal, or from marble with vyutevatym design, with many patterns of fine work. In most cases at first glance it is impossible to understand that it is electric - so its appearance mimics natural exquisite materials.

Electric fireplaces in loft style

The loft style originated in colonial America destroys a lot of stereotypes about home comfort, and it easily fits with fireplaces, conventional and built in, harmonizing with high ceilings and brick walls. A living room with an electric fireplace in the loft style is a special interior that will appeal to those who like non-ordinary design solutions. To decorate the fireplace can come red or white brick, stone, wood, it is appropriate to become a state-of-the-art built-in model.

Installation of electric fire in the apartment

Not looking at the often large size and apparent complexity of the device, its installation will not give you trouble and will take no more than 20 minutes. The first thing you need to do is to choose the right place - for safety reasons it should be at the maximum distance from the bathroom, and also be in proximity to the outlet. The installation of an electric fireplace in non-residential premises is prohibited - possible dampness may lead to problems with the electrical wiring.

To install a built-in fireplace, you need a niche made of plasterboard of the right size. If it is a suspended electric fireplace, it should be located at a height of at least 1 meter. The fireplace is installed in the niche, and after that we perform the finishing with the help of decorative stone or any other material. In most cases, the enclosure to the fireplace includes a housing that masks the installation site.

When the finish around the fireplace is over, at this stage the fireplace for the apartment is installed, you can plug the electrical cord into the outlet and check its efficiency. As you can see, its installation is really very simple, and anyone can solve this task independently, without the help of specialists.