Armchair with "ears"

This truly English chair at home is called a wingback chair, but it is customary for us to refer to these protruding details as ears. In general, the chair of such a design has more than 300 years, so that it managed to change names a lot. The most popular it used in the times of Voltaire, so you can often hear how it is called "Voltaire." Well, and if it is easier, then "grandfather", "fireplace" or simply "English".

However it may be "called", its features remain unchanged, namely:

The size and shape of the ears can be anything - large, medium, small, shaped, straight, like the wings of a butterfly or a bat.

Upholstery chair with "ears" can be smooth, hairy, quilted. Armrests - soft or wooden. The back is straight or rounded. In general, there are no strict rules for its implementation. The main thing - the presence of ears. They make it recognizable in any interpretation.

Armchairs with "ears" in the interior

The English chair with ears in modern houses and apartments is able to complement such styles as classical , minimalism , baroque and rococo style. In addition, with their help you can create mixy interiors, in which mixed sets of furniture are combined.

The fireplace chair with "ears" looks equally well when decorating a dining room and dining area, in living rooms and prikamnyh zones, in the office and home library.

A high chair with "ears" and a deep sitting makes the process of work, reading, resting, eating the most comfortable. And it looks expensive and respectable in any interior, adding an atmosphere of special comfort and warmth.