Facing of steps with tiles

Arrangement of steps to the house is one of the most difficult stages of finishing facade works. It is on the terraces in the course of the year that the greatest load is accounted for, as people are climbing them every day, and the foundation is not the same as in the case with the foundation. Therefore, when facing the steps with tiles, the following conditions must be observed:

Tile for porch and steps

Depending on the shape of the steps and the type of building, the following types of tiles can be used:

  1. Models with a "safe" edge . Manufacturers issue special models with corrugated edges that minimize the risk of slipping when descending the steps. Such tiles are mounted at the edge of the tread with a small overhang, which in thickness is equal to the width of the riser.
  2. Corner tiles . They have a rim at right angles. Corner tiles are laid in the upper part of the tread, and the remaining parts are faced with ordinary tiles, which are already in the kit.
  3. Sidewalk tiles . Facing the steps with shallow paving tiles is performed if the steps are sufficiently wide. However, in this case, the work must be done qualitatively, since even small defects in the operation will lead to the destruction of the structure.
  4. Porcelain tiles . Unlike tiles, porcelain stoneware is evenly painted over the entire thickness, so even with the appearance of small chips, this will not strike the eye. It also has a lower porosity and less exposure to moisture.