Fur Coats 2016

Natural fur from time immemorial is considered one of the most noble and practical materials for winter socks. The models of fur coats of 2016, as before they remain a real luxury, and also are a jewel for the girls who want to show their status. Fur products will always be in vogue. They only change in style and colors, so in order to look in the coming year, it is stylish to know what fur coats will embody the trend of 2016.

Novelties of fur coats of 2016

Fur coats in 2016 are mostly a work of art, which is presented in the form of stunning styles, original cuts and unique design solutions. Each girl will be able to choose herself as a fancy expensive model of fur coat, and suitable for everyday life.

Trend number 1. Stylish sheepskin coats

On the catwalks in their collections, designers presented many wonderful models of sheepskin coats, the maximum length of which is up to the knee. Practiceness is now in vogue. In 2016, choose short fur coats and you will not lose.

Trend number 2. Three-dimensional collars

In the coming year, incredibly stylish are three-dimensional fur coats with a smell, similar to those of bathrobes. Designers are not stingy and presented a lot of fur products with lush collars that can be made of long or short nap, pieces, cut or even artificial fur.

Trend number 3. Long fur

The fur coat from the mink in 2016 will go a bit into the shade, making room for a long fur. Such models look self-sufficient and can easily be combined with other textures and colors. However, the figure in such fur products will not look massive.

Trend number 4. Colored fur coats

For gambling girls who like to experiment, stylists recommend giving preference to color models. Fur coats of 2016 are worth buying in such topical shades: emerald, blue, gray, brown, marsh, golden, burgundy, lime.

Lovers of sports style also will not remain empty-handed. Muton fur coats in 2016 are presented in the form of sheepskin coats, imitating a sports "bomb". No less relevant is the silver fox , whose fur coats in 2016 are quite original.

The properties of natural fur are so unique that in addition to the excellent warming effect, it is also an excellent decoration for any fair sex. Noble fur allows you to emphasize your prestigious status in society, refinement and sense of taste.