Grape seed oil: application

Cosmetic oil of grape seed is one of the most popular in cosmetology. Its use of grape seed oil found for almost the entire body. It is used for the care of face and body skin, hair and cilia. It is more useful to use the oil of grape seeds of cold pressing in cosmetology. Buy it is not difficult, it is sold in almost every pharmacy and its cost is not high. Consider the methods of applying grape seed oil for each case.

Grapeseed oil for eyelashes

The oil is very close to the composition of almond oil, very rich in vitamin E. If you eat a tablespoon of grape oil a day, it will cover the daily requirement of the body in vitamin E. Grape seed oil is very useful for applying on eyelashes, as it promotes their growth and excellent appearance. With constant use of eyelashes noticeably thicken and look healthier. You can choose grape seed oil for both cold and hot pressing. But more useful properties are the oil of cold cold.

Grape seed oil for skin

Grape seed oil in cosmetology is used quite actively. It is well absorbed and suitable for dry, oily and mixed skin. It is often used in age-related cosmetics. Cosmetic oil grape seed has the property to reduce saloobrazovanie and slightly tighten the pores, while not clogging them. It also positively affects the overall appearance of the facial skin and its tone.

Indications for the use of grape seed oil:

The oil can be used to moisturize or purify the skin of the face. With the help of oil, it is possible to remove decorative cosmetics well from the face, it can be applied instead of cream. Apply a little oil to the skin and massage it, you can do permanent massages. The oil texture is very light, it can be applied to the skin around the eyes instead of a cream or gel. If you need to go outside and the excess shine interferes, just pat the excess oil with a napkin.

For fading skin, grape seed oil can be mixed with more oily and nutritious oils. For these purposes, jojoba, avocado or wheat germ oil is suitable. You can mix different oils in the same proportions, and you can experiment a little and choose a comfortable consistency individually.

Grape seed oil can be used for the breast. It is enough to apply oil on the décolleté area with massage movements. You can do massages to increase the breast and raise the overall tone of the skin in this area.

Masks based on grape seed oil

Essential oil of grape seeds has antioxidant properties, has anti-inflammatory effect. It is very useful to periodically make masks based on grape seed oil. Here are a few ways to prepare these masks: