Lacquer bag - with what to wear and how to complement the fashion image?

Properly selected accessories can become a stylish addition to the image. Among fashionistas who prefer bright, memorable bows, the lacquer bag is very popular. It has an incredibly attractive design and is presented in a variety of models, among which each girl will choose her own version.

Are the lacquer bags fashionable in 2018?

Leading stylists agree that the lacquer bag continues to be relevant in 2018, but it is better to choose a genuine leather product that will not lose its luster and be confirmed during mechanical damage. We can note such variations of models:

Women's lacquer bags

In the collections of many eminent fashion designers there are lacquered bags that have such distinctive characteristics:

  1. Thanks to a special varnish treatment, the thing is protected from mechanical damage and is resistant to temperature fluctuations. Accessories are very bright and beautiful, they do not require special care. However, they can remain fingerprints or other stains, which are quickly removed by themselves.
  2. The female lacquer bag has an attractive appearance, but there is a small drawback - it can not be attended by a large number of decor elements and a variety of patches, since the image can come out unnecessarily overloaded.
  3. Thanks to its design, the product bag is great for ordinary walks, it can be taken for a cocktail party or a celebratory party.

Lacquered Carrying Bag

It is extremely interesting to look for women's lacquered bags made in the form of a bag . They are characterized by such distinctive features:

Business lacquered bags

To go to the office, the perfect complement will be a lacquer business bag. Its characteristic features include the following:

Lacquered bags with a picture

The latest stylish trend is a lacquered bag with a pattern. Among the possible variations in design can be noted the following:

  1. Prevailing products with floral print, creating a light spring mood. Designers note that floral patterns and perforated patterns have become popular over the past few seasons.
  2. You can choose accessories in calm nude shades or vice versa, in bright exotic colors. For example, it can be a blue lacquer bag with a rich ornament.
  3. As an illustration, an animal print can be used, it is an imitation of the skin of a reptile, a fur pattern.
  4. Branded accessories use the company logo, applied over the entire surface.

Small lacquer bag-clutch

To create an evening image, a bright or black lacquer bag-clutch will be a perfect addition. You can note its characteristics:

Lacquered bag-bag

Another hit of the season is a colored or black lacquered bag-bag. It has such distinctive details:

Bridal bags lacquered

Numerous brands offer lacquer fashion bags to consumers. Among their main features are the following:

Armani Lacquered Bag

Products brand "Armani" are designed to create different images. They can harmoniously fit into a romantic bow, business and office attire, a sporty look. Bag made of lacquered leather "Armani" has the following characteristics:

Loriblu Lacquered Bag

The Italian brand Loriblu creates accessories that become reliable companions of any woman. The famous brand offers beautiful lacquer bags in classic colors for every day, elegant clutches in traditional and trendy bright shades. Products are characterized by the following features:

Givenchy patent leather handbag

The Givenchy brand is associated with an aristocratic style, in products there is refinement and elegance. The brand bases its collections in laconic and simple forms. When creating accessories, these parts are used:

Chanel Lacquer Bag

Extraordinary originality stands out the varnish bag "Chanel". Among its distinctive features are the following:

Lacquer bag - with what to wear?

Representatives of the fair sex who have acquired a fashionable novelty, wonder: with what to wear a patent leather bag? It is possible to note such variations of its combination with the objects of the wardrobe :

  1. The ideal choice will be laconic things, made of monophonic fabric. It is necessary to exclude the presence of lace, leather, shiny skirts, trousers or dresses.
  2. Shoes can be selected not only lacquered, but also made of matte leather or suede.
Fashionable images with a varnish bag