Cat Taylor Swift repeated Victoria Beckham's trick with super stretch

Victoria Beckham's brand-name stretch is parodied not only by people, but also by animals. Rival with the wife of David Beckham in flexibility decided graceful cat Taylor Swift.

Spectacular posture

Tugging his leg up, lying on the couch, the 43-year-old Victoria Beckham did not even suspect that she was creating a real trend. In April 2016, the designer posted a photo on the network with a high-raised leg.

Stretching Victoria Beckham

Deciding to support, and at the same time and boast of its flexibility, a snapshot of Victoria was repeated by her sons and fans who arranged a flash mob. Stars of foreign and domestic show business also could not resist, having decided to prove that their stretching is steeper.

Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham and Eva Longoria
Courtney Kardashian
Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova
Cruz Beckham
Romeo Beckham

Unexpected follower

It turned out that the flexibility of Beckham, who daily engaged in fitness for two hours, was impressed even by the domestic pantomime of 28-year-old Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift with Olivia

Recently, a popular country pop singer shared with Instagram subscribers a funny photo of her cat named Olivia. In the frame, a fluffy beauty looks into the camera, raising her leg high in the air.

Olivia Stretching
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Despite the fact that in the comments Taylor did not mention Victoria, joking that Olivia is stretching, preparing to dance on her tour, users could not help but draw obvious parallels.

Taylor Swift and Olivia