ColorType of appearance

As a rule, choosing a make-up and wardrobe, a woman is guided by her intuition and taste preferences. It happens that today the image is just perfectly matched, and tomorrow something is already wrong. Sometimes we want to buy a favorite thing simply because it sits well on us. But before the mirror it becomes clear that it does not fit in color at all. To avoid such punctures, try to choose clothes and makeup for your color appearance.

How to determine the color-type correctly?

To determine your color, stand in front of a mirror and carefully look at yourself. Pay special attention to the skin of the face. The most common is the "seasonal" method of dividing the color-type appearance. The main criterion for determining the color-type by this method is the consideration of skin color. There are four main types in accordance with the four seasons:

Winter color type. The skin color of the representatives of this color is usually very light, almost transparent. The hair color is very dark. It is the contrast between light skin and very dark hair - the main sign of the winter color. This is the so-called contrast type. But he has another form. Women with dark, almost olive skin, and chocolate-colored hair, with brown or green eyes, are also representatives of the "winter".

Colors in clothes: on "winter" clothes of absolute black and white colors ideally look. Choose bright and cold shades. Steel and silver shades are also welcome. But pastel colors, red, and generally warm shades, it is better not to use.

What to wear: For winter women, a classic style in clothes is perfect. Choose a simple and rigorous cut. Thin knitwear or shiny smooth fabrics is the most successful solution. Well in harmony with the "winter" will be large geometric patterns, abstractions and patterns.

Spring color. In "spring" women, the skin, as a rule, peach shade, sometimes the color of ivory. Most often in childhood, the color of this type of hair is very light, the color of straw, but with age it darkens, albeit slightly. Most often the structure of the hair is thin, straight. The eyes of this color type are usually blue, gray, sometimes light green.

Colors in clothes: the spring color is very delicate, and colors are better to choose calm and soft shades. Emerald, coral, golden, the color of young greenery. Avoid too dark or light shades - it can visually give the skin a pallor and lifelessness.

What to wear: light knitted blouses and bolero. Simple cut and light silhouette. Very good looks sportswear. Fabrics should be selected plain or with a "quiet" print. Viscose, thin knitwear or linen is very suitable for "spring".

Autumn color. Slightly similar to the previous one. This type is characterized by an amber eye color, sometimes green, brown eyes may have a slightly reddish tinge. Skin, as a rule, swarthy and freckled, the sun almost always turns red.

Colors in clothes: "autumn" women do not go at all with cold gray or blue colors. It is better to give preference to dark shades of greenery or earth. Carrot, mustard, marsh green, brown and brick.

What to wear: for "autumn" are just created such styles as safari and country. The multi-layered style and juiciness of the selected colors will underline the entire warmth of this color. You can easily choose a bit of rough fabric, tweed and drape. Suitable leather and suede.

Summer color. A very common colorotype among Slavs. The lighter the skin and the darker the hair, the brighter and more contrast the color. Hair color can be light brown or ashy. Most often, "summer" has green or blue eyes, less often brown. Skin light enough, grayish or olive shade.

Colors in clothes: for "summer" soft and rather muted shades - gray, purple, pink and blue - will do. But black and bright shades of red should be avoided. I will look past pastel shades.

What to wear: Classics and romance are your allies. Silk, chiffon and other "flying" and lightweight fabrics, jeans, thin flax and lace - that's your choice.