Eva Green and Roman Polanski presented the picture "Based on real events" on Cannes-2017

Today is the final stage of the Cannes Film Festival and tomorrow everyone will leave for home in anticipation of the next. On the last day of this event, the public was presented with the picture "Based on real events" directed by Roman Polanski, in which the main roles went to Eva Greene and Emmanuel Senje.

Eva Greene, Roman Polanski and Emmanuel Segnier

Red carpet and a few words about the tape

For the photocall before the premiere 83-year-old Roman Polanski appeared accompanied by his musical actresses Eva Green and Emmanuel Senje. For this event, women chose different dresses, both in color and style. Eva appeared at the premiere "Based on real events" in a two-layered black dress, which was embroidered with beads and decorated with frills along the hem of the skirt. Emmanuel came in an elegant white dress that bare her shoulders and very effectively tightened the figure. As for the director, he, like men, appeared at the film festival in a suit, a white shirt and a butterfly.

Eva and Emmanuel appeared at the event in different dresses

After the photo session was over, Polanski said a few words about his new job:

"Based on real events" - this is a thriller, but the thriller is very unusual. Up to this point, the public was represented by pictures where the main characters were a man and a woman, again a woman and a man, and I have 2 women. In my picture it will be possible to observe the heroines, whom fate brought down on the ground of love, friendship and obsession. This "design" is an experiment for me and my activity. "
Eva Green
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The plot of the picture is quite original

In the descriptions for the tape "Based on real events" you can find a rather intriguing story. Delphine (Emmanuelle Senie) - a writer suffering from a depressive disorder, arranges an autograph session. At this event, a very beautiful girl named El, who was played by Eva Green, approaches Delfina. Sympathy arises instantly, and the next stage is the relationship in which there is not only friendship between women, but also love. El replaces Delphine with her husband, who disappears for days at work, helps around the house and writes texts. However, over time, the writer notices that El does not leave her alone, pursuing her everywhere.

Shot from the movie "Based on real events"