Kitchen apron made of MDF

Today, there are a lot of options for finishing the walls of the working area in the kitchen. The usual tiles, plastic, modern glass and, of course, MDF panels - all this creates a cozy atmosphere in the kitchen and emphasizes the individuality of the style.

Let us consider the latter. The kitchen panel of an apron from MDF represents a narrow space of the wall limited by hanging cabinets and curbstones which is made out by means of special decorative wood boards. In addition to the fact that MDF panels - an environmentally friendly material, it is presented on the market in a variety of color solutions and textures. Due to a wide choice, he opens all the ways for the embodiment of various design ideas. About what qualities this material has, we will now talk.

Properties of the apron from MDF

What is MDF? Translated from English, this abbreviation literally means "medium density fibreboard". In other words, these are plates made from finely divided wood chips, which are pressed under high pressure at high temperature. Such material is absolutely safe, because instead of toxic resins, natural wood glue is the binding material here, lingin, it is extracted from the chips while heating and pressing the plates.

If you decide to make a kitchen apron from MDF panels, then worry about the fact that the material after contact with water or vapors will start to swell and collapse, there is nothing. Plates have excellent moisture resistance, so they can be safely washed with detergents and wipe with a damp cloth at least every day. Moreover, the strength of the material is so high that even a point impact is not terrible to him.

Another advantage of the MDF apron is its thickness. It can be from 4 to 22 mm, which allows you to create kitchen masterpieces on a variety of surfaces. In addition, the installation of such decorative plates does not require much time, effort and the main thing of finance.

One of the main advantages of an apron from MDF in the kitchen is resistance to fungi , mold and plaque. And due to its naturalness and ecological cleanliness, when heated, the plates do not emit toxic fumes, harmful substances that can damage health.

As modern manufacturers try their best to fulfill the consumer's desire, the kitchen panel of the apron from MDF can be ordered in the same shop where the furniture was bought to pick up a similar color and texture of the finishing material. It can be an imitation of a tree, a stone or a mosaic that will perfectly allocate furniture and make the place for cooking more cute. Very interesting looks apron from MDF with photo printing. A unique drawing, in the form of an inscription, an image of a natural phenomenon, animals, and all kinds of patterns make the kitchen very unusual and creative.

Choose a kitchen apron from MDF

Selecting the material for the design of the work area, do not necessarily focus on the color of furniture. The wall looks very good, if it is lighter on the floor than the rest of the filling. Not bad if the color of the apron from MDF will match the color of the countertop, this will create a solid image of the place where the mistress of the house is cooking.

The colors of natural wood, green moss, amber and chocolate are very actual today, but the most fashionable today are recognized in "bleached" colors: mint, coffee with milk, strawberries and cream.

If you still rely on furniture, then for a bright glowing color of bedside tables, sofa or chairs (red, orange, purple, etc.), the best addition will be an apron made of MDF pearl "calm" color. And, conversely, under the light furniture it is better to perform the working area in brighter colors.