Paper Blinds

In our time, the blinds no longer surprise anyone. However, not everyone is available this option window design. But not so long ago a new type appeared on the market - paper blinds. Let's find out what it is.

Paper blinds on the windows are self-adhesive blind-pleated, made of paper. Its installation is extremely simple: a paper strip is removed, which protects the adhesive layer, then the blind is glued to the frame or to the upper part of the window opening. To raise such blinds are used special clothespins, with which the curtain is fixed in the upper part of the window.

Inexpensive paper blinds pleated can be used both in office buildings and at home. They can complement the usual curtains or be an independent element of the decor.

Most often on sale there are four color solutions of self-adhesive paper blinds: black, gray, beige and white. White and beige blinds gently filter sunlight, and beige can add warm colors to any interior of the room. Gray paper blinds will create a pleasant twilight in your room. Black paper blinds plisse will reliably protect the room from bright sunlight.

Advantages and disadvantages of paper blinds

Paper pleated blinds have many advantages:

  1. They are absolutely suitable for any size and shape of windows.
  2. They are attached to aluminum, plastic, wood , glass and other materials.
  3. Installation is elementary simple.
  4. They look nice and stylish.
  5. They are made of environmentally friendly material.
  6. Very democratic price.

The disadvantages of paper blinds include the following properties:

And although the shortcomings of paper blinds are serious enough, as a temporary measure for protection from the sun they are quite suitable.