Pastel shades

Are you attracted by the interior, clothing, make-up or other objects reminiscent of marshmallow, mint and lavender smell, vanilla cream flavor, bright moments of childhood? If so, then you are thrilled about everything that is painted in pastel colors. These shades are so diverse, they have a huge number of names, but they have one thing in common: tenderness, lack of sharpness, saturation and brightness. The best answer to the question about what colors are pastel, there will be such - those that seem to touch the rays of the sun, bright, unsaturated color.

Pastel shades and tones are appropriate everywhere - in clothes, make-up, interior. In everything that you want to make airy, lighter, lighter, cleaner, more tender. These tones give endlessness to experiments to fashion women. The combination of pastel tones does not require special knowledge and skills, because they perfectly harmonize with each other.

Pastel in clothes

The modern rhythm of life dictates to women their own rules. Monochrome, severity, classic prevail in the women's wardrobe. But sometimes I so want to feel unprotected, carefree, young and attractive! Pastel in clothes easily gives these feelings. Clothing pastel colors can be used to create total look, and as individual elements of the image, which allows you to bring in the office style softness and tenderness. Very often, pastel is used as a contrast if the makeup or accessories are very bright.

Trousers of these shades, unlike whites, do not add extra sizes and kilograms to their owners, and pastel shades are universal, which allows them to be worn for work and a romantic date. Many designers in their collections pay attention to clothes and accessories made in this color scheme.

Make-up in pastel colors

Using the decorative cosmetics of the pastel scale, you can create natural images that are enveloped in tenderness. This makeup is almost invisible, but it is able to give freshness, sunshine, lightness. And do not worry about what you overdid with lipstick or shadows, because they are translucent, barely noticeable. And even more! Who said that you can not combine several shades of lipstick, seeking a fashionable ombre effect? And if you want to create a pastel shade on your lips with ordinary lipstick, touch it with your lips, and then apply a shine. As for the shadows, the pastel shade is created on the eyelids by shading.

This summer, a manicure of pastel tones is an unconditional trend. And do not think that only young beauties can afford to have nails of pastel tones. This color scheme is suitable for women of any age. There are no limitations in the number of shades. And one and five colors of pastels can create harmonious gradients.

Coloring the hair in pastel colors is not so popular as two or three years ago. But young girls can afford it. Stylists do not recommend painting the entire canvas. Individual strands, painted with pastel crayons, look more spectacular, giving an image of mystery and coquetry.

Pastel in the interior

The house is our fortress, but we must protect the fortress from strangers. That is why the living room, bedroom, children's and even kitchen can be turned into fabulous and very cozy apartments, which even the princess would envy. As in clothes and make-up, combining pastel colors in the interior is very easy. If the red walls and the green sofa are capable of contributing to the development of depression , then the soft pink wallpaper combined with the pistachio sofa is surprisingly cozy and home-warm.