Mushroom Chaga - composition, useful properties and secrets of application

The chaga mushroom is rightly called the miracle of nature. It has a huge number of positive properties, so it is actively used in both traditional and traditional medicine. Some healers generally believe that this is a real panacea for various diseases.

Chaga mushroom - description

In the common people it is called a black hoof. Botanical names of the fungus are tapered beet and inonotus. More often it grows on a birch, maple, mountain ash, elm and alder. Before the formation of the fruit body, the tree must become infected with the parasite Inonotus obliquus. This microorganism enters the wood through a cracked bark. White trash appears on the trunk. The distance between the annual rings begins to increase. In addition, the structure of the wood changes: it becomes loose. All this creates favorable conditions for the development of birch chaga.

This fungus has an average life span of 20 years. The tree, on which the given "lodger" settled, will die in the future. That the valuable properties of the chaga are not lost, it is necessary to cut it off from still living birches. The time of collection is not categorical: you can make billets all year round, but some experts recommend cutting off the chaga in the spring. Their advice is argued by the fact that during this period the fruit body receives a large amount of nutrients and tarry compounds from the trees awakened from hibernation. For this reason, it is most useful.

What does the birch mushroom chaga look like?

When collecting the fruit body, it is important not to confuse it with the cow's hoof. Here's how the chaga mushroom looks:

  1. The outer layer is black. It has a cracked surface.
  2. The middle layer is brownish-brown in color. The structure at this level is dense.
  3. The inner layer is brownish-reddish with whitish veins.
  4. The diameter can vary from 5 to 40 cm.
  5. The weight reaches 3 kg.

Chaga - composition

All the valuable ingredients that are present in the fruiting body, the fungus receives from the tree on which it has settled. The most useful is the one that grows on the birch. It is used in the treatment of diseases. Chaga (birch fungus) has the following composition:

Chaga - useful properties

In recent studies, it was found that this fungus has many advantages. Chaga, whose medicinal properties have already been proven, affects the body as follows:

Chaga mushroom - application

By itself, the sloping tinder is not used for food. The fungus chaga is widely used for medicinal purposes. From the fruit body, teas, decoctions, infusions, oils and extracts are prepared. For the preparation of home "preparations" only the inside of the fungus is used. The loose outer layer is cut off. It can be used as a freshly picked chopped tinder, as well as raw materials that were harvested earlier, and then it was dried.

How to cook chaga?

From this mushroom you can make various home "preparations":

How to cook with water infusion?


Preparation and use

  1. If you use a fresh chamfer, you need to thoroughly wash it, and then chop it into a gruel. The dried chaga should be soaked in cold, clean water. Then it must be crushed.
  2. Mushroom gruel is poured with warm boiled water and left in a cool place for a couple of days.
  3. Filter the infusion - the medicine is ready. It can be taken inwards, used as compresses, rinse or enemas.

How to brew chaga - recipe for broth


Preparation and use

  1. Chaga poured 0.5 liters of water and put on fire. As soon as the composition boils, reduce the flame to a small one and boil the mixture for about an hour.
  2. Remove the broth from the fire, filter and cool it. Then they send the tea to the refrigerator.
  3. Fruit of the viburnum is poured with a liter of water and it is insisted for 5 hours. Then put the mixture on a water bath and knead it for 60 minutes. After the drink is filtered.
  4. Mix the two resulting broths. Take this healing cocktail is recommended from Art. spoon of honey.

How to make butter from chaga?


Preparation, application

  1. The oil is mixed with the broth.
  2. Send the composition for a day in a cool darkened place.
  3. The finished oil is used for external use.

How to prepare an infusion of alcohol-based?


Preparation, application

  1. The mushroom is covered in a glass container and poured into vodka.
  2. Place the bottle in a dark place.
  3. Infusion should be 2 weeks. From time to time, you need to shake the contents of the dishes.
  4. Such chaga application is widespread, but more often it is prescribed in oncology. To achieve the desired result, you need to take the drug courses.

How to drink chaga?

The scheme of taking the drug and the duration of therapy depend on various factors:

In each case, a different treatment program is prescribed. For example, tincture of chaga is prescribed by such a course:

  1. With arthritis take 1 tbsp. spoon of alcohol solution one hour before meals three times a day. To enhance the effect, twice a day is recommended to make healing compresses.
  2. When atherosclerosis should take a cocktail, consisting of 1 tbsp. spoons of tincture and the same amount of olive oil. Drug is drunk a quarter of an hour before meals three times a day.
  3. When arrhythmia it is recommended to mix 100 ml of tincture with 300 g of honey and 3 tbsp. spoons of lemon or lime juice. This mixture should be taken at 1 tbsp. spoon for half an hour before meals twice a day.

Chaga with oncology

Traditional healers believe that this fungus in the treatment of cancer is an indispensable tool. In its composition there is a whole complex of organic acids, which has a strong therapeutic effect. In addition, there are pigmented substances. They inhibit the growth of neoplasms and prevent the development of metastases. The Chaga fungus is also useful when undergoing chemotherapy. It helps to remove toxic decomposition products from the body and strengthens the protective system.

In general, birch chaga is a natural immunomodulator. With timely treatment, patients with the first stage of cancer managed to overcome all the signs of the disease. The fungus chaga in oncology at later stages of the disease helps to reduce pain and improves overall health. The first positive manifestations are observed one month after the beginning of the reception of the mown fungus. Complete or partial recovery is observed only after 1.5-2 years from the start of therapy.

In the treatment of oncological diseases, an oil emulsion is prescribed.

  1. This cocktail is prepared from 30 ml of alcoholic chaga and 40 ml of unrefined vegetable oil. The components are poured into a bottle, the container is tightly clogged and shaken well, then the emulsion is drunk with a volley.
  2. Take the medicine you need 20 minutes before meals three times a day (every day at the same time).
  3. Drink the drug 10 days, then you should do a 10-day break, then a new course. Cycles repeat until recovery.

Chaga during pancreatitis

This fungus is very effective in diseases of the pancreas . Assign this remedy only after passing the acute phase of the disease. Chag chag, useful properties that can restore the intestinal microflora and cleanse the body of toxins, it is recommended to apply at the stage of recovery or in the chronic form of the disease. This effect is very important in the treatment of digestive system diseases.

  1. When pancreatitis is recommended to drink water infusion of 100 ml with 1 teaspoon of honey three times a day.
  2. Take the drug you need 2 hours before breakfast and lunch, and 3 hours after dinner.
  3. Course - 3 months, but every 10 days make a 5-day break

Chaga with gastritis

Birch fungus has the following effect:

The chaga mushroom is considered to be an effective remedy, supplementing the main therapy for gastritis . It creates on the inner surface of the body a protective film that prevents contact of the weakened mucous membrane with food. In addition, chaga promotes cicatrization of ulcers. All this in a complex accelerates the healing process and improves the patient's well-being.

  1. With gastritis, you need to drink water chagi infusion. Single dose - 100 ml.
  2. Take the drug should be 30 minutes before meals three times a day. The course lasts for a month. Then they take a 10-day break and then continue treatment.
  3. Such repetitions can be from 3 to 5: everything depends on the patient's condition.
  4. It is recommended to give up heavy food during the treatment period. Preferred vegetable-milk diet.

Chaga with uterine myoma

For more than one decade, this remedy has been used to treat diseases of the female reproductive system. Here's what the chaga fungus is useful for uterine myoma :

In the treatment of myoma chaga is often prescribed in the form of a decoction prepared from chopped tinder and berries of Kalina. You need to drink it 30-40 minutes before eating 2 tablespoons. spoons from 1 tbsp. spoon of honey. Take a decoction three times a day. The duration of the course is a month. Then, after a week-long break, the treatment continues for another month. The same broth can be used for tamponizing or irrigation of the vagina. Such procedures are recommended to be done every other day.

Chaga with mastopathy

The main reasons for the development of this disease are hormonal failures , chest injuries, excessive stress. In the treatment of mastopathy, along with traditional medicines, "preparations" of traditional medicine can be prescribed. More often in this case, a chaga mushroom is prescribed: its usefulness in this case is great. It has the following effect:

In the treatment of this ailment it is recommended to drink a decoction prepared from chaga and berries of Kalina. Take the drug follows half an hour before a meal of 2 tbsp. spoons from 1 tbsp. spoon of honey. Drink the broth three times a day. In this case, the interval between individual methods should not be less than an hour. Duration of the course is 3 weeks, then they take a break and, if necessary, repeat the therapy.

Chaga with diabetes

As a result of the research, it was found that this agent effectively reduces the glucose level in the blood . Already after 3 hours after taking the "preparation" the chaga mushroom begins to show therapeutic properties. The sugar index is often reduced by 15%, and in some cases even by 30%. The result largely depends on the severity of the disease and the presence of concomitant pathological conditions.

When treating this ailment it is recommended to take water infusion of chaga.

  1. It should be drunk 40 minutes before a meal. Dosage - 1 tbsp. spoon of the drug.
  2. You need to take it three to four times a day. The course is 4 weeks.
  3. After a week's break, the treatment can be repeated.
  4. To enhance the effect along with the method of infusion is recommended to make a bath with the addition of a few drops of "mushroom" oil.

Chaga - contraindications

Any drug has positive and negative properties. The chaga mushroom is no exception in this case. It has many useful properties, but one should not forget about contraindications. These include the following states:

Chaga has medicinal properties and contraindications - too, this should not be forgotten when taking other medications simultaneously with it. There is a group of medicines that are incompatible with a chamfered tinder. These include such drugs: