Spanish style in the interior - the most interesting design ideas

Against expectations, the Spanish style in the interior is not a red mulet, bulls and bullfight. Even on the contrary: the design in the spirit of Spain is distinguished by tranquility and pacification. He has a lot of light and space, he tunes for rest, but does not excite. What is the result of this effect?

Spanish Interior Style

A cheerful and energetic, romantic and warm interior is obtained thanks to the use of colorful and voluminous textures, living ornaments, natural materials. Houses in the Spanish style look very hospitable and cordial, they seem to be open to meet everyone entering their door. A lot of light, sun, warm colors, harmonious neighborhood of antique and new-fangled objects, an abundance of cozy textiles - all this is the basis of the Spanish style in the interior.

Spanish-style cuisine

The classic Spanish design of the kitchen should include extremely bright colors, wooden furniture and rainbow paintings on the walls. Still - rough decorative plaster and bleached ceiling with carelessly finished beams. We can say that the design of the kitchen in the Spanish style is a variation of the country style , only in the Mediterranean version with its inherent palette of blue and green shades.

Walls and floors can be tiled, preferably with characteristic ornaments. On the floor you can put a tile with imitation of marble. Also, the working surfaces of the tables can be "marble". Highly valued in the Spanish style is natural dark wood - it is made of cabinets and countertops. At the same time the furniture should look slightly sloppy and rude, "in a country way".

Bedroom in Spanish style

The way of decorating a Spanish bedroom can vary from national rural to classical styles. Sometimes it is difficult to immediately determine with accuracy the style belonging to a given room, since it allows the combination of different variations of the two designs. There is both a man-made rustic atmosphere and a refined and luxurious one. The Spanish style will be indicated by individual elements, such as forged cornice, red and turquoise accents, marble in decoration, the availability of paintings.

Furniture in the Spanish style is necessarily made of dark wood, massive, with rich carvings. Bed linen is selected in rich shades, all textiles are made from natural natural fabrics. In general, the decoration of the room is dominated by natural materials - stone, wood, metal, natural fibers. The trowel is present not only in the cornices, but also in the design of beds and lighting fixtures. The bedroom decor is decorated with handmade objects - lace, embroidered paintings, carved statuettes, etc.

Living room in Spanish style

In the main room everything is impregnated with sun and sea, involuntarily in memory floats the motives of flamenco and the whisper of wind in olive groves is heard. The interior of the Spanish style living room can be endowed with one or another of the features - French, Moroccan or Tuscan. In such a variety of variations of performance, everyone can find something close to themselves. The common elements for any directions are forged decorative elements, wooden furniture, bare beams, a massive chandelier.

Embodying the Spanish style in the interior, the walls in the hall are more often made monophonic, in light pastel colors. They are the backdrop for paintings, tapestries, stucco moldings and other art objects. The integrity of the perception of the situation is provided by a combination of ornaments on different objects - carpet, upholstery upholstery, curtains. The nationality is indicated by arch arches and apertures, elements of stone decoration of walls, niches with shelves and a lot of figurines and other "knickknacks", sometimes reminiscent of museum exhibits of antiquity.

Bathroom in Spanish style

The development of the design of the bathroom should be conducted with no less carefulness than other rooms. At the same time, it is important to be able to maintain a balance between modern amenities and beauty that goes beyond time. The Spanish style of the bathroom in the classical version is represented by a bright palette of warm colors with dark wooden furniture, ornamentation on the tiles and furniture. Arched openings round out sharp corners and make the interior softer and cozy. A natural materials used throughout the room, only emphasizes the quality of the interior.

A somewhat different direction of the Spanish style is Mexican, with its bright palette, ethnic motives on the tile, sink, bathroom and other furnishings. The patterned arch frame, repeating the pattern on the tile, makes an additional accent on the mirror. Similar fragments of ornaments can be present on furniture handles, inserts in the floor. As a result, the bathroom is more saturated and bright.

Decor in Spanish style

A huge role in the Spanish interior is given to decor elements. They are the highlight, attracting attention and unequivocally talking about the style of the room. They include ornaments on ceramics and faience, forged elements, porcelain, copper and bronze figures, wooden carved frames and ornaments. Also, Spanish styles are difficult to imagine without a lot of pictures and photos within the framework of handmade decor.

Spanish style wallpapers

If you choose wallpaper as wall cover, then the apartment in the Spanish style simply must be pasted with bright and original paintings, which are characterized by harmony, clarity of images, abundance of floral motifs, natural shades. Modern manufacturers are trying to produce unusual wallpapers, on which old styles are harmoniously combined with modern themes.

The main feature of Spanish wallpaper is the imitation of natural fabrics due to the play of light and shadow and the volume of images. The highlight of the wallpaper, which additionally emphasizes the Spanish style in the interior - is the use of warm and delicate color scheme: tender pink, golden, beige. All of them are called to cause associations with nature - sand, sea and all that is characteristic of the Mediterranean. To emphasize sophistication, the effects of flicker, mother-of-pearl, games with shades are used. Drawing largely depends on the location and direction of the style.

Staircase in Spanish style

Realizing the Spanish style and interior design in a multi-level dwelling, whether it is a house or an apartment, we have the additional opportunity to turn the hall into an elegant festive entrance. Stairs in this case is not just an element for connecting floors, but also an interior solution designed to transform the room, make it even more original and comfortable. The material of its decoration can be a tree and a tile with ornament, forged rails will add vintage.

Chandeliers in the Spanish style

The most luxurious ceiling lamps for a house in the Spanish style are man-made designs. They are deservedly considered luxury goods and ceremonial accessories. Spanish country style in the interior involves the use of a wooden or metal forged chandelier . These items have a unique national color, distinguishing them from all other lamps.

For a more classical direction, the chandelier is gentle and refined. Such models are produced on a mass scale. It can be a glass or crystal lamp, made in light colors and decorated with characteristic ornaments. The main requirement for it - an exceptional quality, because the Spanish interior does not tolerate cheap accessories.

Curtains in Spanish style

Often in the Spanish style of design in the design of window openings refuse from multi-layer curtains, dispensing with a small curtain of lace or any natural light material. But if you need to create a twilight on hot days, you can not do without tight curtains. The pattern on them can be neutral with traditional patterns. Often the curtains are selected monochrome. The main thing is that they should be long, "on the floor" and not too wide. If there is a picture on the curtains, it will look good to repeat it on another textile in the room.

Regardless of whether you are decorating a city apartment or a country house, the Spanish style will bring a lot of Mediterranean sun and warmth into your life. Cozy textiles, antique knick-knacks and national motifs are boldly combined with modern achievements in the field of design, so that you will create at the junction of two approaches to creating the ideal housing.