The long raincoat - 36 photos of fashionable images for all occasions

The long raincoat looks extremely feminine and stylish, it is able to add an image of elegance and protect from cool weather. It is ideal for tall, slender girls, certain models are designed for owners of magnificent shapes. Among the various styles, every fashionista can pick up a thing to her taste.

Women's Long Cloak

In the collections of many eminent fashion designers there appears a fashionable long cloak. This is a classic that remains popular for a long period of time, it continues to be replenished with new models, which are represented in such variations:

Women's Long Cloak

Long wide cloak

In the coming spring season incredibly popular will be a long wide cloak. It is characterized by such characteristic features:

Long Leather Cloaks

Very stylish and presentable looks female long leather cloak, he is not influenced by fashion and will perfectly protect from wind and cold. Among its distinctive characteristics are the following:

Long Cloak with Hood

For cool weather, a great choice will be a woman's long cloak with a hood. It has such distinctive characteristics:

A long raincoat over a sintepon

In the cold season, a long cloak on the sintepon becomes relevant. Among their features are the following:

Downy long raincoat

For strong colds, a warm long cloak for fluff will suit. This material protects from temperatures below -15 ºC, but it may not be suitable for people who have an allergic reaction to it. Among the characteristic features of this product are the following:

Long Denim Cloak

To complement the image in the style of kazhual perfect fashionable long raincoats made of denim. They have such distinctive characteristics:

Women's Long Trench Coat

The trench model is characterized by such additions as epaulettes, turn-down collar, a valve on the front shelf, deep cut pockets and the presence of a belt. In addition, beautiful women's long coats are characterized by such details:

Summer long cloak

For the summer season, fabrics made of light fabric, such as lace, cotton or linen materials, are ideal. The following variations of models are encountered:

Long raincoats for full

Owners of magnificent forms can also afford a fashionable novelty. When choosing it, it is recommended to take into account certain points, which are as follows:

With what to wear a long cloak?

Truly a universal object of the wardrobe will be a female classic long cloak. It can be worn for a walk, a party or a job. The fitted silhouette perfectly fits to narrowed pants or jeans, you can put on a skirt or dress, as the top can serve as a blouse or sweetshot . As a shoe, the option on a heel, a high platform or a wedge is perfect, shoes with flat soles should be avoided.

Fashionable images in a long cloak