Maxi dresses - who are fit and with what to wear?

Maxi dresses are able to turn any girl into a fairy princess. They give the wearer a special charm, charm and mystery. Beautifully emphasized silhouette without a single hint of vulgarity attracts the views of men. A beautiful outfit, stylish accessories - and you are irresistible!

Who is wearing the maxi dress?

It is worth noting immediately that the long maxi dresses fit absolutely all women. The main task is the correct selection of the style, depending on the features of the build:

  1. High slender girls can afford quite different varieties of cut. This will not spoil the figure at all. Long-legged beauties are allowed to wear maxi dresses with shoes at low speed.
  2. Holders of low growth should pay attention to models with a clearly marked waist. If the cut does not imply this, then use the strap. Too fluffy hem is better not to choose. Shoes with heels or wedge visually add a few centimeters and make you more elegant.
  3. Women with magnificent shapes will suit maxi dresses with an overstated waist. Shoes or sandals with high heels - an indispensable element of the outfit.

Trendy Maxi Dresses 2017

Frankly open areas of the body no longer surprise anyone, and this trend is far behind. Maxi dresses 2017 impress the imagination with the variety of styles and variants of their socks. To be in the trend, pay attention to:

Stylish long dresses in the new season differ not only in original cuts, but also in bold color solutions. Fiery red, orange, yellow, deep blue - from now on these colors are relevant not only for evening dresses, but for everyday. But even without the classic black and white, it did not. It can be both monochrome models, and with a graphic pattern.

To dispel the stereotype of romanticism and tenderness, the designers created a whole series of provocative models. Dresses in the length of maxi in the last season look different. Chic, sharpness, challenge - these words can accurately describe the new collection of stunning outfits. To achieve this effect couturiers used:

Maxi dresses for every day

When choosing clothes for every day, do not bypass the casual dresses on the floor. If you choose the right model, you will feel comfortable, stylish and attractive in it. The main trend of this season was the use of several types of fabrics in one product. The most common combinations are:

Maxi dress-up shirt

Designers in virtually every collection show a shirt style. But this year the trendy maxi dresses, reminiscent of the undergarment, surprise with its variability and freshness. Vintage, boho-chic, elements of the Victorian era - all this is inherent in modern models. Lace, the finest cotton, the most delicate silk will give you a feeling of comfort. Among the created copies you can choose an option for the office, and to meet with friends, and to go to a restaurant.

Sporty Maxi Dress

Sports style in the current fashion is very popular in the metropolis and beyond. Such fashionable women's long dresses are in great demand. The reason for this was:

  1. Use when sewing breathable fabrics.
  2. Simplicity of lines and comfortable cutting.
  3. The maxi sports dresses combine practicality and femininity.
  4. A multi-faceted color palette allows you to choose the appropriate option for each fashionista.
  5. The possibility of combining with sneakers, sneakers, sandals and sandals.

Maxi dress-up

Women who are fashion conscious of comfort and simplicity for a hot period choose comfortable, concise and stylish summer maxi dresses. The versatility of a style similar to a shirt is that it can be put on an office, on the beach, to meet friends or go to a movie theater. The end result will depend on the coloring, the selected accessories and shoes. It is worth taking into account that this style is not suitable for women who are far from ideal forms, especially if it concerns hands and hips.

Denim dresses maxi

Denim continues to lead the list of the most popular materials. Clothes made of this fabric are stylish, practical, comfortable and suitable for women of any age. A denim dress with long sleeves, short or not at all, is only a matter of taste. But in general, this outfit will become a real highlight of your wardrobe. There are a lot of styles to choose from. Each girl will be able to choose the ideal option, depending on the features of the figure, the upcoming motive and personal preferences.

Pleated maxi dress

In the new season, the texture of the fabrics is welcomed. Such a technique as pleating with special precision can emphasize femininity, tenderness and romanticism of the owner. Dresses with folds are ideal for appointments, evening parties and celebrations. A white maxi dress with an original hem will be an excellent option for the bride. In the summer time, such fabrics as silk, chiffon and satin are actual. For cold pores, choose materials that not only look nice, but also keep your feet warm.

Maxi dress with odor

The style, more reminiscent of an ordinary robe, has long passed from the category of home clothes to the category of stylish bows. Women's maxi dresses with a smell look to some extent simple, but very tempting. A beautiful fabric, juicy colors, the presence of pritov or embroidery make the outfit stylish and unrepeatable. Such cut is suitable for all girls. He will decorate the ideal figure and, if necessary, hide the existing shortcomings.

Evening dress maxi

At any solemn event, every woman wants to feel unsurpassed. For these cases, there are many options, but beautiful maxi dresses, perhaps, will best cope with the task. To look memorable - it does not mean too much. The key task is to be able to choose the style so that your figure would seem to be the standard of beauty. With today's diversity, this is quite feasible.

If we talk about the colors, then the black dress on the floor will never go out of fashion. His elegance, severity and brevity bribes women. But do not forget other equally relevant colors:

For girls with a twist, designers offered new unexpected and to some extent bold decisions. These dresses can be called a true work of art. They are a transparent base on which there are three-dimensional flowers. This print looks very realistic and resembles a real lawn. This outfit captures glances and emphasizes the uniqueness of the owner. Also interesting are models with feathers, fringes and shiny fabrics.

Maxi dress for full women

To avoid mistakes when choosing a dress, we will immediately stipulate what should be avoided:

It is best to choose a maxi dress for full with an overstated waist. This will emphasize the chest, hide excess volumes in the abdomen and thighs. This style looks very elegant, and the woman in it will feel comfortable and attractive. It is quite permissible juicy colors, but do not get carried away. Choose a one-color model. Nalyapistye prints can add extra centimeters. It is allowed to have rhinestones and sequins, but they should not be in excessive quantity and is on problem areas.

With what to wear a maxi dress?

High heels and stylish maxi dresses are the perfect tandem. Often it happens that the shoes are not visible at all behind the skirt of the skirt, but at the same time it very slim the figure and visually draws the silhouette. Sandals, gladiators, moccasins, sneakers and sneakers are perfectly combined with everyday and sports models, but are strictly contraindicated to girls of low stature.

If a cool evening is coming, then you can not do without outerwear. Depending on the style of the dress, you can put on a cardigan, jacket, blazer, jacket, coat, the common feature of which will be a shortened length. Be sure to complement the image with accessories: a stylish handbag, a beautiful bracelet and a neat pendant will be a harmonious addition of both everyday and festive onions.