What does the name Eve mean?

The main features of Eve are liveliness and curiosity. They are attracted by everything unusual, fantastic, not of this world.

The name Eve has widely known biblical roots. In the translation from Hebrew this name means "giver of life", "life".

Origin of the name Eve:

According to legend, Eve was the very first woman in the world, whom God created from the rib of Adam's first man.

Characteristics and interpretation of the name Eve:

Girl Eve build a rich world of fantasies and often keep it inside of their entire life. From the mother they inherit stubbornness and independence, from the father - assiduity and good nature, parents do not bring trouble, are independent and self-sufficient. She is drawn to the unrealizable and mystical, in the company of friends she is alive, but a little detached from the happening girl. At school he is interested in history and biology, willingly carries out research and independent work. Attentive to detail, meticulous, strive for knowledge. Intellect, as a rule, is high. Ranim and are waiting for recognition, sensitive attitude to themselves.

Eva has a quirky and capricious mind. She is a careerist, but she does not find herself in all branches. The greatest inclination is for medicine, philology, pedagogy. It's musical, but it's mostly a hobby, not a profession. As the head of Eve is good in administrative work, as a subordinate - executive and attentive. Rarely completely merges into the collective, but equally equally with everyone. It is difficult to get her out of herself, but unfair quibbles can greatly offend Eve. It is rational and everything is looking for explanations, illogicality and inconsistency derive it from itself. Intuition rarely uses, although she never fails her.

He prefers to choose educated friends with good manners. Eve does not like advisers and they plan their own lives themselves, not relying on anyone. Very decent and appreciate this quality in others, strictly follow the rules of morality, deeply ethical from nature. They are responsive, but picky, sometimes can be cruel, if they believe that a person must cope with their problems himself. Sentimental in regard to animals, can, yielding to a rush, bring home a homeless animal.

Cold and consistent in business, in love, Eve is the complete opposite. She attracts men a rare combination of quiet tenderness and impetuous enthusiasm. She dresses well and elegantly, creates her own unique style. Likes when she is surprised, especially appreciates partners with a fiery and passionate nature, bored in a society of "crackers" and rations. Boredom in the relationship it kills, she herself will not make the partner bored. In bed, she is inventive and gentle, great pleasure gets if the partner is happy.

Eve values ​​his family, reacts painfully to outside interference. They often have scandals with their mother-in-law. They give birth to one child and try to give him everything. If Eve is a single mother, she gives all the unspent tenderness to her son. With age, it becomes sacrificial and despotic.

They are able to arrange a home cosiness, are well prepared, but rarely give up a career for the sake of the family, maximum - they can make a break for raising a child. Try to keep up with everything and everywhere to be successful.

Interesting facts about the name of Eva:

"Winter" Eva is unsettling and contradictory, usually giving birth to sons. "Summer", on the contrary, produce daughters, are soft and attentive to their loved ones. "Autumn" is tolerant and easily forgiven, "spring" - swift and intelligent.

Suitable men for Eve - Michael, Yaroslav, Adam, Moses and Oleg, do not marry her with Nikolai, Robert, Maximilian and Rodion.

Name Eve in different languages:

Forms and variants of the name Eve : Evka, Evushka, Evochka

Eva - the color of the name : red

Flower of Eve : Magnolia

Eve stone : ruby

Nicky for the name of Eva : Apple, First, Number One, Magnolia, Most, Yves