Autumn color-type - how to determine which colors are suitable for color-fall?

In modern fashion, it so happened that the exterior is divided into four types, which correspond to the names of the seasons. One of the rarest, but at the same time bright and attractive is the color-type autumn. Girls who have relevant external data never go unnoticed and are always original.

Autumn color scheme

The main feature of the autumn appearance is its saturation and color. Such girls do not need to additionally emphasize the dignity of their beauty, because the nature in this case has tried to the fullest, laying down in natural data the maximum of glossiness and expressiveness. But let's find out how to determine the color-type of autumn:

  1. Leather . Autumn type features an elastic and healthy skin of the face. But at the same time, direct sun rays are contraindicated to the owners of this appearance, as the skin is pale and easily burns.
  2. Eyes . The most common shade of eyes is the brown, which can be amber or deep brown. Rarer, but also characteristic for this type, are the gray and green irises.
  3. Eyebrows . This part of the face is not the most expressive, but also not absent, as, for example, in winter. Eyebrows differ in density, which often requires thinning and staining.
  4. Features of appearance . A distinctive feature of autumn fashionistas often are freckles. Thanks to this "accessory", the girls are secretly called "kissed sun".

Cvetotyp soft autumn

The main shades of the appearance, referred to as soft, convey the mood of the middle of the season. Such appearance in any aspect is warm and cozy. The skin has a natural sheen and even a radiance. Tsvetotip a warm autumn differs a natural shade of hair - a chestnut, copper, reddish overflow. However, such data can not be called contrast. Rather, the warm category refers to calm, subdued tones. The eyes of such girls are well-defined, have a light gray or rich nut color. The general impression of the image is associated with a foggy morning.

Tsvetotip dark autumn

Such girls resemble the transition from autumn to winter. Their appearance is rich, but cold. Here the most shades of hair and eyebrows prevail. However, there is also a light golden highlight. The dark color-type of autumn is a palette of deep blond tones. Eyes of this type are often deep and expressive brown. Such women are among the few in the whole category who favorably endure sunburn and stay in the sun. But they are advised by professionals to beware of prolonged exposure to direct rays. The general impression of the image inspires confidence and independence.

Color-type cold autumn

Remember those days when you are already looking forward to the first snow, trees completely threw off the leaves, and the days are more and more cloudy. Such qualities are possessed by women of cold autumn type. They want to wrap themselves up in a rug and unwind with a cup of hot tea. The late autumn coloritis has a pale, even transparent skin. These women are best expressed eyebrows. As in the category of the dark season, dark hair predominates here. Chest pores transmit light gray eyes. A characteristic difference is the absence of natural blush.

Color-like light autumn

This type of appearance is often confused with the summer. Stylists assert that such girls fully embody the period of Indian summer. They are characterized by light wheaten hues of hair. A light autumn color-like appearance has a radiant skin with a healthy light blush. The most common color of the eyes in the owners of golden-caramel curls is green, but there are also gray-eyed women of fashion. The general impression of the image is associated with bevelled hay and an early period, when you can still soak in the warm rays of the sun.

Colorotypes contrasting autumn

Such girls, perhaps, are the most unusual and amazing. After all, their appearance combines all the most striking features. It is dominated by fire shades of hair - bright red, reddish-chestnut, golden-straw. In this case, the eyes can be as saturated with brown, almost black, and the lightest tones of gray or green. A healthy shine of the skin is harmoniously combined with a natural blush. A contrasting type can be dominated by a single category. The most widespread color is the deep autumn in the ensemble with elements of the bright season.

Cvetotyp natural autumn

This type is characterized by soft overflows of colors that can not be confused with other categories. The woman-autumn tsvetotip natural often has a bright natural red hair color. Such girls especially often traced freckles. Eyes have a soft brown hue of light or medium tone. The uniqueness of the natural type is slightly dark skin, which has a light beige shine. Such women of fashion not only outwardly convey a rich golden time, but also feel at this time of the year especially easily and at ease.

What colors are suitable for color-fall?

Each category of girls has certain sets of color solutions. The easiest way to imagine the best shades in clothes. However, such recommendations apply to ideas in make-up and hair style. And although autumn fashionistas look bright and attractive even in the most boring and monotone bows, they also need catchy accents that will underline their unique appearance. Let's do an overview of the color-type autumn colors in clothes:

  1. A golden brown palette . A win-win choice to any subtype is clothing in brown tones. And in this case, all the colors are relevant - sand, chocolate, gold, warm natures, mustard and others.
  2. Features of the red scale . As you know, red is considered the most feminine color that suits all girls. Autumn women of fashion should stop at deep or muffled shades - marsala , scarlet, brick.
  3. Green shades . The variety of herbal palette has become another good solution in any shade. Autumn type looks very stylishly looks like in light olive or salad, and saturated emerald or marsh.
  4. Deep blue . If you want to emphasize the brightness of your appearance in contrast to the cold tones, then it's best to stop at the sky-sea palette. In this case, it will be appropriate to have dark colors - sapphire, plum, eggplant.
  5. Warm pink tones . Cold pink scales are contraindicated in warm autumn appearance. However, if you so like these colors, the only acceptable are the soft colors of peach and salmon.

Capsule wardrobe for color-type autumn

Distinctive features in the preferences in the clothes of autumn fashionables is the comfort and practicality of the styles. The base wardrobe for the color-type autumn should be as free as possible, but feminine. An excellent choice for everyday wear are stylish trousers of wide or straight cut combined with fancy jackets, cardigans or tunics. Office ladies stylists offer to stop the choice on leather and knitwear in a business style. Popular clothes for fall color are autumn dresses. This element of clothing should be in abundance for any occasion.

Autumn color-type - what color will the hair suit?

If you decide to dye your hair, do not rely on the case, experimenting with the tonality of the colors. Remember, regardless of whether you recolour in the light of the dark or vice versa, your choice should relate to warm shades. A fashionable solution in recent seasons is the red-brown ombre. An actual trend in the displays of the color-type autumn hair color was the caramel stout. Light and smooth transitions will add to your attractiveness. To supplement the appearance with saturation, stop on a copper shade. A maximum of naturalness will help achieve a light brown color.

Makeup for autumn color-type

Autumn girls should make make-up according to their subtype. However, there are universal rules of make-up for both dark and natural or soft appearance of the type. The main foundation is a warm and muted gamma of hues. In the case of the evening image, catchy accents are made on one part of the face - lips or eyes. Let's learn the most topical recommendations of stylists color-type autumn colors in make-up:

  1. Tonal foundation and blush . It is important that the foundation is exactly the same color as the skin. A universal choice is a transparent golden gloss, leveling the surface. Add blush can be with the help of brown blush, excluding pink shades.
  2. Shadows . If you have dark eyes, emphasize their beauty with contrasting shadows - gray, matte blue, gray-green. In this make-up, a white base is allowed, which gives off eyebrows. For the autumn girls with light eyes, the saturated dark shades of red and brown are often relevant, often in combination with black eyeliner or pencil.
  3. Lipstick . If you do everyday make-up, then it is better to make your lips look natural, adding luster. For evening make-up, a good choice will be saturated lipsticks - dark scarlet, bordeaux, ripe cherries.

Tsvetotip autumn - celebrities

A vivid example of a soft autumn type in the world of stars is considered to be Jennifer Lopez, Drew Barrymore, Mariah Carey. The naturalness of the style effectively emphasizes in its images Cynthia Nixon, who never even for the role did not change her appearance. The most famous in the category of dark color-like appearance of autumn is Julianne Moore. This woman looks bright and spectacular in both red attire and gray clothes . And if you still do not understand what a contrasting subtype looks like, take a look at the photo of Amy Adams, who skillfully changes her appearance without going beyond the fall category.