Kaya Gerber increased the chest?

One of these days in a network there were photos of young model Kaji Gerber, made paparazzi in New York. They can clearly see that the girl's thin body is decorated ... a bust of impressive size. The 16-year-old star of the catwalks surprised her fans with such sudden changes in her appearance. The fact that in ordinary life, a beginner model rarely wears a tight fitting silhouette. And then she dressed up in a black golf with a long sleeve, which emphasized the clearly enlarged chest.

Push up or operation?

Journalists conducted an operative investigation, comparing the recent photos of the daughter of Cindy Crawford and proved that the figure of the girl really changed.

Of course, it's hard for fans of a young podium star to imagine how her mother, a famous supermodel, could have allowed her daughter to undergo breast augmentation surgery.

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Most likely, Kaya simply decided to change her image a little and refuse to baggy clothes in favor of a more feminine longsleeve, and to emphasize her breasts the girl simply wore a bra with the effect of pushap.