Autumn-Winter Boots 2014-2015

With the arrival of the first cold days, fashionable women hurry to the stores to replenish their shoe wardrobe novelties. In the coming season, autumn-winter boots 2014-2015 are distinguished by new color solutions and combinations of textures. It is difficult to resist the temptation to buy a stylish pair of fashionable boots, for example, a bright lilac color, or to pass by leather boots with high heels . Anyway, the variety of choice and models today has no limits.

Selection of boots for autumn-winter 2014-2015

Deciding on the purchase of new boots autumn-winter 2014-2015, a fashionista is to begin to determine what qualities they should have. After all, if you need shoes for daily wear on rainy cold days, then it is worth choosing in favor of practicality, and if you need to impress, then, of course, it is better to prefer something spectacular. By the way, it was effektiveness that became one of the main receptions, picked up by designers this season.

Thus, before buying the fashionable boots of autumn-winter 2014-2015 it is better to decide on:

Also, we must not forget about weather conditions, which, at times, can present very unpleasant surprises in such a volatile season.

Trends of fashionable autumn-winter boots 2014-2015

If we talk about the trends that characterize women's boots autumn-winter 2014-2015, then it should be said that the models on a stable high platform are gaining increasing popularity. They combine not only comfort, but also style. Do not be afraid of such shoes will rain, puddles and slush.

Early autumn, generously rewarding sunny days, the fashionista can spend in incredibly fashionable boots with cut-outs. Many leading designers such a bold idea liked, and experiments on the combination of long suede boots with a figured cut on the fingers began to be played in various variations. Equally impressive are similar models with side cutouts, which gives a certain asymmetry to such a stylish pair.

If you look at the photo of autumn-winter boots 2014, you can see that, along with traditional classical solutions, there are also absolutely new ones that are yet to gain popularity among fashionistas. The classic in leather, long models and dark colors is perfectly combined with modernity, expressed in square heels, fur insets and embroideries.

Thus, women's boots fall-winter 2014-2015 do not differ in the lack of design fantasy, which is especially reflected in the material and color. For example, today in the trend of a model of textured skin under a snake or reptile. At the same time, shades of these boots will not give you a boring cold autumn and winter: emerald, violet, orange, and models of patent leather in the style of the 70's will add any form of chic and glamor.

One more bright trend of fashionable boots of the autumn-winter season became the features of the so-called retro style. It can be easily recognized by a rounded nose, a thick, stable heel and a loose, wide boot.

For fans of stylish, tight-fitting boots, the upcoming season is preparing a lot of surprises. Such a model of autumn-winter boots will please new, unusual colors and textures.

In general, the assortment of autumn-winter women's boots harmoniously combines everything that was already very popular last season with what is only becoming fashionable and in demand in the coming season.