Barack and Michelle Obama have become producers

Having achieved a lot in the political field, Barack Obama and his wife Michel, who coped well with the role of the first lady of the country, decided to try themselves in a completely different field of activity.

Conquer Hollywood!

Barack and Michelle Obama went into the film industry! The 56-year-old 44-year-old American president and his 54-year-old wife made an agreement with the entertainment giant Netflix, who created the "House of Cards", "Very Bizarre Affairs", "Narco", which implies long-term cooperation of the streaming company with the Obama.

Barack and Michelle Obama

Barak and his wife Michelle will create exclusive and diverse content, ranging from artistic and documentary series, ending with documentary and artistic paintings and special projects, acting as producers.

This information was confirmed by one of the leaders of Netflix Ted Sarandos in the official press release, as well as Obama himself in his statement to the press.


The former owner of the White House and his first lady are ready to start with enthusiasm and have already established the company High Ground Productions, within which they will produce a television product. Apparently, Barack and Michelle will not lack a job, because only in 2018 Netflix planned to release more than 700 different films and serials!

The exact amount that Obama will receive for partnership is not disclosed, but based on the experience of such transactions, experts are sure that it exceeds $ 100 million.

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By the way, this year has already become financially beneficial for Barack and Michelle. In March, they agreed on a fee of $ 65 million for the publication of their memoirs.