Black dress with a white collar - with what to wear and how to create fashionable images?

A black dress with a white collar combines classic and modern style. This thing is perfect for office and business events, but with the same success it can be used for celebrations or everyday wear. The assortment of models of similar wardrobe items is incredibly wide, so every fashionista can choose an option for herself.

Fashionable black dress with white collar

Many women have a white-collar female dress associated with a school uniform of Soviet times. Indeed, in those years all the girls went to classes in exactly the same outfits, and the only opportunity to stand out was provided by a charming and pretty collar that was made of silk, guipure, lace, satin and other materials.

Some needlewomen untied this detail from snow-white threads with the help of a hook or spokes. As a rule, mom and grandmother were engaged in creating an accessory for schoolgirls, however, some adolescent girls were pleased to learn the basics of knitting to independently make a beautiful and unique collar for themselves.

In all other environments, a black dress with a white collar was spread very slowly for a long time. Nevertheless, in the mid-nineties of the XX century, this model appeared on all the fashionable catwalks and instantly won the hearts of millions of girls around the world. Since the trend for this product was set by the famous American actress Maud Adams, who played in productions about Peter Pen, a black dress with a white collar of simple A-silhouette was appropriately named.

Subsequently, based on this model, many other options have been developed. In the collections of world brands there was an unusually wide variety of styles, which, in addition, differed in the type of collar. Depending on the individual preferences of the woman of fashion, features of her complexion and face, you can choose the option that will hide the natural shortcomings of appearance and make the image as attractive as possible.

Black dress with white collar and cuffs

A classic black dress with a white collar, complemented by cuffs in tone, looks simply charming. It creates around the owner the image of a schoolgirl who will be most appropriate in the office or at a business meeting. Depending on the type and shape of the collar, these outfits can look differently - the model with a pretty rounded collar looks feminine, gently and gracefully, and with pointed triangular edges - playfully, playfully and coquettishly.

A small black dress with a white collar

Any style of a small black dress with a white collar can emphasize the natural beauty of its owner. This unfading classic suits absolutely all the fair sex representatives, regardless of the features of the figure and appearance. Meanwhile, in some women this thing can cause peculiar associations.

So, many young ladies believe that a black little dress with a white collar makes an adult girl look like a schoolgirl and visually very much reduces her age. Others note that this decoration is directly related to the uniform of maids. Nevertheless, most stylists and fashion experts agree that this model inspires confidence in their mistress and, in addition, makes the figure more slender.

Straight dress with a white collar

Among all the styles, a straight black dress with a white collar is the most versatile. It is suitable for the fair sex with any type of figure and complexion, because it perfectly conceals extra pounds and distracts the attention of others from problem areas. In addition, this product does not restrain movements and does not press anywhere, so it can be an excellent choice for expectant mothers on an impressive pregnancy.

Velvet dress with white collar

Elegant and exquisite dress with a white collar, made of velvet, looks very unusual and is ideal for celebrations. In this outfit you can not go unnoticed - he always draws attention to his possessor and makes her image as flashy and sexy. Although velvet black dress with a white collar is not overloaded with decor, it can not be combined with excessively bright accessories - it's much better with classic leather bags and pumps.

Black trapeze dress with white collar

A simple and laconic classic dress with a white collar often takes the form of a trapezoid that fits all women. Comfortable and practical to wear, this apparel attracts a large number of women and makes them simply irresistible. Thanks to a unique cut, this product hides the most common shortcomings of the female silhouette - protruding sides and abdomen, undeveloped waist, or too wide and bulky thighs.

Black dress with white lace collar

A feminine and romantic dress with a white lace collar looks just charming. This outfit is perfect for a date with a lover - it makes the image of its owner deliberately sexy, but not vulgar. An exquisite lace collar to such an apparel can easily be done by yourself - any girl with knitting or sewing skills will cope with this task.

Black dress with white collar for full

A neat dress with a white collar is absolutely universal, which can decorate yourself, including a lady with appetizing forms. Thanks to the dark color shade, this outfit hides extra pounds, and the snow-white detail at the top makes it stylish, elegant and incredibly attractive.

A dress with a white collar for a woman of size plus-size can be presented in different styles. So, "pyshechkam" is best suited to the following options:

With what to wear a dress with a white collar?

Any casual and office dresses with a white collar are an independent unit of the image, so they do not need any additions. Meanwhile, in order to look fashionable look complete and harmonious, it is necessary to add to it beautiful and elegant shoes and feminine accessories.

Long black dress with white collar

Exquisite maxi dress with a white collar is perfect for going out or a solemn event. Such a product can not be worn with flat-soled shoes, as this combination visually reduces the growth of its owner. Classic high- heeled shoes, on the contrary, visually stretch the silhouette and make it especially elegant.

As for the handbag, in this particular situation it should not be large. A black maxi dress with a white collar looks good only with a miniature clutch or a small tote with short handles. Ornaments to such look'u should be as restrained and laconic, and they should not be much. So, for example, one ring on an anonymous finger will make it feminine and refined, and three or four rings already emphasize the lack of taste of its owner.

Midi dress with white collar

Midi-length options are the most preferable for most of the fair sex. They are relevant absolutely in any situation - at a business meeting, a solemn event, a friendly party and so on. So, for example, midi-dress Chanel with a white collar, ending just below the knee - an ideal choice for a business woman who needs not only to meet with partners and competitors, but also to unexpectedly go out.

Midi-length looks great with most types of shoes - elegant boots, classic boat shoes or boots with a medium-high bootleg. In cool weather, this image can be supplemented with a cloak or coat of any style, however, you need to make sure that the hem of the dress does not stick out from under the outer clothing. The choice of handbags in this situation is incredibly wide - to this along comes as a miniature clutch, and a bulk bag for purchases.

Short black dress with white collar

The mini-dress of a black dress with a white collar is suitable only for shapely beauties who are not shy about showing their exquisite and attractive legs to those around them. In the demi-season this product will look great with warm pantyhose and boots - this stylish and original look is suitable for both a romantic date and a meeting with friends.

At a party in the club, this model will look admirable - because elegance and deliberate chastity in it combine with audacity, boldness and incredible sexuality. In this case, it is recommended to combine it with coquettish sandals on the platform and high heels and bright accessories that attract attention. In an office with an extremely short length it is recommended to avoid, therefore it is better for business women to prefer midi or maxi models.