Dress-case 2017 - a new vision of the classic style

Products of the style "case" are popular with beautiful ladies of different ages. Due to their versatility, they have not left the women's wardrobes for many years. Dress-case 2017 allows you to create different images, demonstrate your personality and always remain beautiful and attractive to the opposite sex.

Fashionable dress-case 2017

Although the "cases" have existed for several decades, in almost every season they remain at the top of popularity. Trends change noticeably, but some things keep their positions for a long time. Dress-case in fashion in 2017 remains one of the main trends, which every day gets more and more fans around the world.

Dress-case 2017 with basque

Stylish dress-case 2017 can have a number of additions, due to which the figure is corrected and some disadvantages of the silhouette can be masked. So, often stylists and designers use basque to decorate things of such a plan and create original author's products from new collections. This detail is able to transform even the most simple monochromatic model, adding to it a bit of chic and attractiveness.

Depending on the features of the figure and the need to adjust it in certain places, dress-case 2017 with Basque can have the following varieties:

Dress-sleeve 2017 sleeveless

"Cases" can be made of various materials, some of which are suitable for the demi-season, and others - only for hot summer days. Such models, as a rule, are not burdened with unnecessary decorative elements, so as not to cause their owner discomfort. In addition, the dress-case summer 2017 may not have sleeves. This feature is inherent in several different models, for example:

Dress-case 2017 with belt

An elegant dress-case of the 2017 season can be complemented by a stylish belt that accentuates the waistline. This detail can be either narrow or wide, but most girls give their preference to the latter option. A wide belt can not only outline the waistline, but also visually make the thighs more rounded and feminine, so it is recommended to wear it to beautiful ladies who are not entirely satisfied with their appearance.

This model can have any length. Meanwhile, when choosing the style of the product, one should be guided not only by individual preferences, but also by the features of the silhouette. So, the shortened models are suitable only for slender women, who can show off beautiful and attractive legs. If the figure of the girl leaves much to be desired, she should choose a dress-case midi 2017, which can transform any beauty.

Business dress-case 2017

Style "case" is ideal for business women. He looks reserved and laconic and at the same time gives his owner a solid and strict appearance. Wearing a black dress-case 2017 and complementing it with high-heeled shoes, you can get a stylish business image, suitable for office everyday life, as well as for business events and meetings. In addition, black is not the only shade that is allowed in an office environment. If desired, it can be replaced by gray or dark blue, and in the summer - beige or mint.

Dress-case 2017 for full

Beautiful dress-case 2017 is suitable for beautiful women with extra pounds. Due to its versatility, this style can be used to correct the figure and mask the existing shortcomings, and it is not difficult to find a suitable model for this. Dress-case 2017 for full women can have the following features:

Evening dress-case 2017

A smart dress-case 2017, designed for going out into the light and visiting ceremonial events, can be found in the collections of many fashion brands and well-known manufacturers of women's clothing. As a rule, it is complemented by special decorative elements - metallic luster and radiant shimmering, beautiful embroidery, lace trim, prints and drawings in the Baroque style and so on.

All this makes the dress-case 2017 one of the best options for attending evening events. In such a maxi-length outfit, like Valentino or Francesco Scognamilio, every fair sex member can feel like a queen and make an unforgettable impression on the audience. In addition, in the collections of fashion brands, for example, Iris van Herpen there are also shortened models that allow to demonstrate the beauty of slender and seductive legs.

With what to wear a dress-case 2017?

Fashionable dress-case in 2017 perfectly combined with different types of women's clothing, elegant and elegant shoes and accessories. As a rule, girls and women do not have problems with the choice of the components of the image, which is built on the basis of such a product. Young and brave women of fashion are not afraid to combine this thing even with sports jackets and flat-soled shoes, so she will find her place in any wardrobe.

Shoes for dress-case 2017

Summer dress-cases 2017 correctly complemented with shoes or open sandals with high heels. Those girls who do not like walking in such shoes can choose elegant products on the wedge , as they will not spoil the image at all and will emphasize the natural charm of its owner. Too massive platform in this situation will be superfluous, therefore it should be avoided.

To dresses which are executed in a sports style or a casual direction, suitable and convenient loffers, ballet flats or moccasins. In addition, the monotonous model of simple and laconic cut can be supplemented with feminine sneakers or sneakers. In the cool period, the dress-case of the 2017 season is best combined with closed shoes or ankle boots, which can be an elegant pin or a stable "barrel".

Accessories to dress-case 2017

Although the beautiful dress-case 2017 looks very elegant and attractive, to create a harmonious image on its basis, additions are needed in the form of bright and elegant accessories. Especially it concerns the evening and romantic look'ov. So, these outfits are best combined with gold and silver jewelry and high-quality jewelry made of metal.

If necessary, the "case" can be supplemented with a laconic strap or belt. Handbag should be selected depending on the situation. For example, evening dressing is recommended to "dilute" with an elegant clutch or miner of a small size, and a business suit - an elegant portfolio of genuine leather. In addition, with all similar models of dresses, neck scarves and stoles look very good.