Bath oil - SPA procedures at home

Among the available home beauty treatments are the most pleasant baths. They give indescribable bliss, forcing them to return to them again and again. In ancient times, only rich people could afford this pleasure. Even teenagers know how to use bath oil. Water procedures can be done at least daily.

How to use bath oil?

The principle of the impact of water procedures is complex. It is due to the simultaneous influence of 3 factors: water pressure, its temperature and chemical composition. Thanks to this, the organism has a multifaceted effect:

  1. The pressure on the musculoskeletal system decreases, a feeling of weightlessness is created. All this provides the buoyancy of water.
  2. The pores are opened, because the skin begins to breathe fully.
  3. Improves the work of the internal organs - the heart, kidneys and lungs, normalizes breathing and removes stagnation of blood in the limbs.
  4. Increases the penetration of valuable substances into the skin.
  5. The level of stress hormones decreases. After the procedure, there is a rush of strength.

Before using the oil for a bath, you need to find out what effect is expected from this procedure. The result depends on the temperature of the water and the "additives" used. Baths can be:

Bathing rules:

  1. You can not swim on a full stomach. Must pass 2-3 hours after eating.
  2. Before you dive into the bath, you need to take a shower. Thanks to this, the skin will absorb nutrients better.
  3. Do not take a bath too long. Prolonged procedures can deplete the body.
  4. Baths are prohibited for diabetes, heart failure, gynecological diseases and pregnancy.
  5. You need to free yourself from negative thoughts.

How to use a solid bath oil?

Butters have a high content of saturated fatty acids. In addition, they are rich in vitamins and other valuable elements. Their melting point is 50 ° C, so when stored, they are in a solid state. Such bath oil can be used:

Very useful for leather. They have a magical effect on the epidermis. Selecting solid and aromatic oils for the bath, proceed to the next stage - melting of the Butters. It will take a hard oil a little - literally 10-25 grams. Water is collected and enriched with "additives". A thin film forms on the surface of the bath. The water itself becomes softer. Take a bath should be up to 20 minutes. A moisturizing procedure can be performed a couple of times a week.

Bath oil in balls

These bombs differ in composition, color and aroma. Such substances can contain the following substances:

After choosing a bomb, containing soothing bath oils or toning bottles, proceed to the procedure itself. In the tank you need to collect enough water (cool, warm or hot). Then you should lower the bomb into the tub and wait until it completely dissolves. Then they are immersed in water saturated with oils. Take a bath can be from 15 minutes to half an hour. The number of procedures recommended by cosmetologists is once a week.

Essential oils for bath

There are different groups of aromatic additives, the representatives of which are similar in their effect on the body. When choosing a bath oil, it should be taken into account its aroma and purpose. They can be:

All aroma oils can be conditionally differentiated into 3 groups:

  1. Citrus - lime, tangerine, orange, grapefruit.
  2. Exotic - myrtle, myrrh, sandalwood, eucalyptus.
  3. Floral - geranium, ylang-ylang, chamomile, palmarose, lavender.

Essential oils - good and bad

Properly selected aromatic additives have a remarkable effect on the body. They help to achieve the following results:

  1. Get well and relieve the symptoms of fatigue.
  2. Improve the skin condition - increase elasticity and elasticity, fight with peeling and "orange" crust.
  3. Normalize the hormonal background - help a woman feel balanced and self-confident.
  4. Increase libido - this is to the aid of oil-aphrodisiacs.
  5. Relieve pain - most aromatic additives have this effect.
  6. Increase immunity - all essential oils have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Even with prolonged use of such aromatic additives, there is no addictive effect. Due to this, such oils can be used for a long time for therapeutic or preventive purposes. However, aromatic agents have dangerous "facets". The harmful properties of essential oils are directly attributed to the low quality of this product. To protect yourself from "surprises", it is important to follow such recommendations:

  1. Buy the product only in proven retail outlets.
  2. Do not use synthetic oils for medicinal purposes.
  3. Do not buy too cheap a tool - the process of manufacturing such products is labor-intensive and expensive.
  4. Store bath oil in a cool shade.
  5. Do not use the product with expired shelf life.

But even the beneficial properties of essential oils can be eclipsed if these remedies are misused. Dangerous may be:

How to add essential oil to the bath?

Aromatic agent should be used as follows:

  1. The maximum permissible amount of ether is 10 drops. If the aromatic agent is used for the first time, then the dosage should be 2 times less. This restriction on how many drops of essential oil to add to the bath helps prevent a negative reaction of the body.
  2. Do not add ethers during water recruitment or when the jacuzzi is turned on.
  3. Pre-aromatic agent must be mixed with base oil or sea salt.
  4. Water should be well mixed. This will ensure an even distribution of the "additive".

How correctly to take a bath with essential oils?

In order to maximize the effect of the procedure, it needs a special approach. There are whole rules how to take a bath with essential oils. Follow these recommendations:

  1. The water temperature should be optimal - not hot and not cool, but warm.
  2. It is not recommended to use bath foam or gel during this procedure. These detergents will reduce the effectiveness of the ether.
  3. The duration of the water procedure is up to 20 minutes. Like a bath with olive oil, it should be done once a week. For therapeutic purposes, appoint the procedure every other day.

Bath with orange oil

This procedure has a beneficial effect on the body. A bath with orange oil has these effects:

Bath with fir oil

This aromatic product is a real storehouse of valuable substances. Thinking about which essential oil to choose for a bath, often stop at fir. Water procedures with such an "additive" have such an effect:

Bath with lavender oil

This aromatic agent has a wide range of action. It belongs to the category "relaxing essential oils for a bath". In addition, the presence of this "additive" has an effect on the body:

Bath with mint oil

This aromatic product has a pronounced aroma. It is used as a relaxing bath oil. However, it can also have other effects on the body:

Bath with eucalyptus oil

This fragrance is one of the most powerful antiseptics. Therefore, choosing essential oils in the bathroom, he is given preference. Such an "additive" helps: