Eclectic clothing

The image of a girl who prefers eclecticism in clothes can cause only two emotions - admiration for the ability to combine what is not combined according to general rules, or complete dislike. The fact is that this extraordinary style, formed under the influence of the hippie subculture in the seventies, forces its fans to constantly balance on the brink. Mixing different styles, textures of fabrics, flowers in one image can result in admiring glances of others or their ridicule about lack of taste.

The basic rule of eclecticism is the absence of rules

Exactly! No stylist in the world can give you precise recommendations, which should be adhered to when creating an image in this original and shocking style. The characteristic features of eclectic clothing are the uniqueness and individuality of each image. Remember Jeanne Aguzarov, Keti Perry, Valery Leontiev, Lady Gaga. These stars of show business are ardent admirers of eclecticism in clothes, but the basic rules by which they are guided when drawing up the image can not be caught! They create the impression of people from another planet, unique, charismatic and yet incredibly stylish. Many attempted to share glory with them, but they did not achieve success. Freedom, irony, lack of authority, own opinion, independence, self-confidence - only people with such qualities can afford to dress in this style.

If the above is not compatible with your perception of the world and yourself in it, experiments with eclecticism will most likely fail. This is exactly the case when the share of doubt is the reason for refusing the idea. But if you really want to, start with a small - ragged jeans with a classic jacket and shoes on the hairpin, hooligan-like free t-shirt with a strict skirt-pencil and sneakers on high soles you will help.