Surely everyone once heard the phrase: "the eyes - a mirror of the soul." And, of course, all women try to make this "mirror" look expressive with the help of mascara, shadows of different colors and many other types of decorative cosmetics. At the same time, there is a special "tool" that can emphasize or correct the shape of the eyelid and which can not be replaced by any cosmetic novelty - a pencil for the eyes. Today, the beauty market offers us an absolute variety of pencils, and therefore it is not always easy to navigate, which one to choose from: soft, hard, automatic, black or color?

How nice to draw your eyes with a pencil?

The very first thing that needs to be paid attention to make a successful make-up is to take into account the conditions in which the woman will be: for example, if you use soft pencils in the hot season, that is, the likelihood that the make-up will "flow", and so does those , who use makeup on the beach or in the pool. Then it is important to know whether it will be possible to adjust it during the day or you need to try to keep it untouched without interference - it depends which pencil is best: automatic, which is convenient to wear in a cosmetic bag, or a routine that requires regular sharpening.

To make a beautiful eye, you need to adhere to three rules:

Now let's take a closer look at the different types of pencils to choose the right one.

Persistent eyeliner

Advantages: water-resistant eyeliner is convenient when the window is wet snow or rain, and in any other conditions, when the person comes into contact with water. For the autumn-winter season, this is an irreplaceable thing, but at the same time, during the hot season, when it would seem that the weather does not threaten with spoiled makeup, it is also necessary, because under the high temperature the lines of soft pencils become blurred after a couple of hours, turning into spots . Given all the merits, the question arises, why not use a steady eyeliner for the eyes at all times, but, to date, there are no perfect eyeliner pencils, and the waterproof one also has drawbacks.

Disadvantages: a hard eyeliner hard enough to be feathered and with it hard to wash off. Therefore, we can say that with the constant use of waterproof pencils, the skin of the eyelid stretches more strongly, and the chance to get a fine mesh of wrinkles around the eyes before the due time is quite large.

Soft eye pencil

Advantages: these pencils for the eyes allow you to create a romantic image (if a pencil for eyes with shading), and extravagant, with clear lines. The positive feature of them is that the use of soft rods is much more convenient and does not stretch the skin very much. In addition, they are easily washed off by any means for dema-kojach: both on an oily basis, and cream.

Disadvantages: Soft pencils badly "tolerate" heat and water, so makeup with their participation must often be adjusted, which forces you to choose a mechanical eyeliner that is convenient to carry. Also, soft pencils need to be sharpened more often than solid pencils, and the prospect of carrying a special sharpener with a little one will make you happy, which again, makes you stop choosing on an automatic eyeliner.

Drawing arrows in front of your pencil

Now we have decided that it is more convenient to draw arrows with a thin soft pencil.

So, how to draw arrows: