How to beautifully make up your eyes - 42 photo-examples for all occasions

A woman's eye can conquer and capture attention from the first seconds. For this reason, in most makeup options, the focus is on the eyes. It is important to know how to properly make them up to emphasize the advantages and visually hide disadvantageous anatomical features.

What do you need for eye makeup?

Stylists advise in advance to complete the cosmetic bag with a basic kit that includes:

Before you can make up your eyes, it is recommended to put a base under the shadows on your eyelids. In this area, many (about 80%) women have oily skin. As a result, cosmetics can crumble, slip into sloppy rollers and gather in folds. The base prevents such problems. In addition, it prolongs the strength of make-up (up to 16 hours) and enhances the pigmentation of shadows.

How beautiful is it to make up your eyes at home?

A perfect make-up from glossy magazines, made by professionals, can be done on your own. A beautiful eye makeup should meet the following rules:

  1. Contrast with the color of the iris. If the shades of cosmetics coincide with it, the look becomes dim, lost in the background of the shadows.
  2. Masking the flaws. Make-up for narrow, deeply planted eyes, the impending age and other defects is performed with certain characteristics.
  3. Accent. Visage is designed to emphasize the look and sharpen the attention on it.
  4. Persistence. Even the ideal ways, how beautifully to make up the eyes, will not be saved by using low-quality tools.
  5. Harmoniousness. Cosmetics should blend well with the whole image - a dress and a hairdo, an individual style of a woman.

How beautiful it is to make up eyes with shadows?

There is a classical scheme, on the basis of which most make-up options are done. The standard method, how to apply shadows to the eyelids, is shown in the figure. The numbers indicate the degree of brightness of cosmetics:

Intermediate tone (2) is obtained as a result of mixing 1 and 3. During their thorough shading a smooth transition from light to dark is formed. If desired, you can add a second color separately in the scheme, between 1 and 3. A simplified method of applying shadows involves the use of 3 shades - the lightest, average saturation and dark.

How beautiful it is to make up your eyes with a pencil?

This kind of cosmetics helps to emphasize the line of eyelash growth, making them visually thicker. By means of a pencil, the cut of the eyes is well distinguished, they can be beautifully drawn by arrows and even applied instead of shadows, using the technique of feathering. This product is available in 2 versions - with a retractable and stationary lead. The first type of pencils is softer, they are more economically spent and perfectly shaded. The second kind is more solid, it must be constantly undermined.

How to apply an eyeliner is shown in the diagram below:

  1. Carry a neat, even line along the growth zone of the upper lashes, filling the gaps between the hairs. It is better to use black or dark brown color.
  2. In the same pencil slightly underline the lower eyelid, starting from its middle.
  3. White color to decorate the inner edge and outer corner.

How nice to apply eyeliner?

This cosmetic product is necessary for drawing clear lines without feathering, so it is used when creating graphical arrows. Before applying eyeliner, it is necessary to decorate them with shadows. If you use products in the wrong order, the lines will be faded or smeared. Wiring is available in different versions, women individually choose the most convenient types:

Taking into account the peculiarities of this product, its cup is used when drawing arrows. The photo below shows how beautiful it is to make up your eyes with eyeliner:

  1. Carry a straight line along the eyelashes, preferably in one motion.
  2. Closer to the outer corner of the eye a little to lift it up.
  3. Draw a line extending the lower eyelid from the outside. Connect it to the top.
  4. Fill the empty space with arrows.

How beautiful to make up your eyes with mascara?

The final stage of make-up is one of the most important. If the eyelashes are dyed badly, the whole effect of make-up is lost. In some cases, mascara can be the only cosmetic product in make-up, for example, a beautiful eye makeup for brown eyes with natural thick and twirled eyelashes is sometimes performed without padding and shadows. Using the technique recommended by experienced stylists, it is easy to achieve the result with budget cosmetics.

The picture below shows how to apply mascara to eyelashes correctly:

  1. Dye the upper hairs from the inside, moving from the eyeball to the tips. The brush should not only be guided outward, but also "walk" from side to side with a small amplitude.
  2. Use soft twisting movements to make up eyelashes on the outside.
  3. Hairs in the outer corner of the eye to draw up separately. The brush of the carcass should be at an angle of 100-120 degrees to the line of the mobile age. The outer corner is stained only by its end.

How correctly to make up the eyes?

With the help of competent make-up, you can visually smooth out many anatomical defects of the eyelids, including ptosis (omission) and make the look deep and sensual. Ways, how to expressively paint your eyes, depend on their cut, the size and purpose of make-up. Any make-up should emphasize the shade of the iris and create a pronounced accent, attract attention to the look.

How to increase the eyes with makeup?

There are several basic tricks that provide the desired result. Recommendations, how to make up your eyes to make them look bigger:

  1. Apply a light beige, milky or pink pencil to the whole water line of the lower eyelid.
  2. The inner corner of the eye to decorate with white shimmering shadows or concealer with the effect of radiance.
  3. The arrow along the line of growth of the eyelashes should be either as thin as possible, or well-shaded, with a short tail or without it.
  4. It is important to tweeze eyelashes and to work well with mascara. A pronounced increase is given by overhead hairs, ribbon or fascicles.

Before you can beautifully make up your eyes and make them visually larger, it's best to get acquainted with the works of professionals. The photos below showcase the most successful examples of make-up from famous stylists who collaborate with Hollywood stars. Most of the options are very simple, they can be repeated at home.

How to make up deep-set eyes?

Most women confuse the impending eyelid with this particular look and cause an incorrect make-up. It is important to use the correct methods, how you can make up your eyes and visually reduce the depth of their landing, push forward (examples shown in the photo):

  1. Do not emphasize the natural fold between the moving and stationary eyelids. The hands should be neat and sharp, without feathering.
  2. The upper eyelid should be decorated with light, shimmering cosmetics.
  3. Eyelashes to twist and stain with ink, giving volume. If desired, you can use overhead accessories.
  4. The inner cavity near the nose is brightened with white shadows or concealer.

How to make up narrow eyes?

Women with the Asian age tend to visually expand the cut along the vertical. A beautiful make-up for narrow eyes helps to achieve this goal, but it's important not to overdo it by drawing unnatural lines. Successful evening options for make-up for the cases described - the smokey ayz in any shades. This type of makeup visually widens the incision of the eyes, rounds them. Daytime make-up should be less saturated and bright. To create it, follow the following guidelines: how to paint beautifully narrow eyes:

  1. The upper arrow should not be too thin, the average and increased thickness, clarity and graphicity of the line are welcomed.
  2. Lower eyelid is better to emphasize with dark shadows or a soft pencil with shading 3-4 mm. This widens the boundaries of the eye.
  3. The upper eyelid, up to the podbone bone, is covered with light shades. The dark color is imposed only on the outer corner of the eye and above the natural fold.
  4. The longer and louver the eyelashes, the wider and more open the look.

How to make up big eyes?

A large incision of the eyes does not always look beautiful. Excessively convex and round eyes have to visually do less and more proportionately. The visage in the situation under consideration is radically opposite to the previous versions. Makeup for large eyes is based on the following principles:

  1. The upper and lower arrow is drawn along the whole line of both eyelids, like a stroke
  2. It is important to use a dark soft pencil to shade lines. Arrows must be thick and fuzzy.
  3. The mobile eyelid is completely covered with dark shadows or color with medium pigmentation.
  4. The area under the eyebrow should remain clean.
  5. False eyelashes are not needed, it is sufficient to apply an extension mascara.

How to make up eyes with impending eyelids?

The main task of this visage is to emphasize and raise the natural fold. With this peculiarity of the eyelids, standard ways, how to make up the arrows on the eyes, are not suitable. In the case of a strong overhang, it is better to completely abandon them, emphasizing the line of eyelash growth with a thin shading of dark shadows. Some useful tips on how to beautifully make up eyes with a "heavy" age:

  1. The outer corners are dimmed as much as possible. The area with superimposed cosmetics should be clearly visible when the eye is open.
  2. Wide brush for the shadows to apply a dark color on the fold of the mobile age and above it (by 0.5-1 cm).
  3. Above the line of growth of eyelashes should remain a bright band. It can even be emphasized with a white pencil or shadows.
  4. Makeup is important to carefully blend, creating a haze effect, no sharp transitions are unacceptable.
  5. Gently brighten the inner corner of the eye, grabbing a third of the mobile age.
  6. A little to emphasize the line of growth of the lower lashes, similarly shading the drawing.
  7. Curl and volume make up eyelashes.

Beautiful eye makeup for every day

Visage for work, study and other activities should not be too catchy and bright. Everyday eye makeup strives for naturalness, so when it is done professionals recommend using a restrained range of cosmetics:

  1. For gray and blue shades of the iris, you can apply "cold" (silver, blue) and warm (beige, brown, pink) shade colors.
  2. Day makeup for brown eyes is easier than others, any palette of cosmetics will do. Some women are neat enough to make up eyelashes and to emphasize the line of their growth by padding.
  3. Daytime makeup for green eyes looks nice when a combination of marsh and brown shades. The most reserved version is the pastel shadows of the body scale.

Beautiful evening make-up

For special cases, a rich and contrasting makeup with a pronounced emphasis on the eyes is needed. To emphasize the color of the iris, it is important to choose the right shades:

  1. Evening makeup for blue eyes (and gray) looks beautiful when using turquoise, purple, bright blue and similar tones. One can invent bold combinations with gradient transitions.
  2. Evening makeup for brown eyes is performed with any pallet of shadows. The main thing is that the main color does not coincide with the iris.
  3. Evening makeup for green eyes is recommended to make contrast. Red, orange, yellow shades will do. With a dark iris, grassy, ​​emerald colors are beneficial.