Fashionable leggings

Do you have beautiful slender legs and do you want to emphasize this? There is nothing easier! Fit elastic pants without fasteners to the ankle - a win-win option! In stylish leggings you will look very impressive and irresistible. You can safely supplement your wardrobe with this fashionable find for a modern slender lady.

History of Leggings

The inventor of leggings is Carl Otto Lagerfeld, a German fashion designer and photographer. Leggings were first introduced in the late 90's in Paris. They are tight-fitting pants made of synthetic fabric with lycra added, without pockets and fasteners, like pantyhose without feet. Modern leggings noticeably "warmed up", for their manufacture use cotton and wool with the addition of artificial fibers, which, thanks to technical progress, have become softer, thinner and more diverse. Despite the fact that the styles of these trousers are not decorated by all, emphasizing all the shortcomings of the legs, the leggings very quickly descended from the podium to the streets of cities and in many countries of the world became an integral part of the women's wardrobe.

Leggings 2013 - with what to wear?

A set of long sweater-dress and black leggings has long become a classic. This is practical, convenient and elegant, if you are going to work in the office or the institute for classes, and the streets are cold and uncomfortable. This option is ideal for trips outside the city or on a business trip. Leggings perfectly match with fashionable cardigans, jackets and shirts. The color of the leggings can be not only black, but also any moderate shades of brown, gray, blue or bordeaux, most importantly - harmony with the top of clothing. With the right combination, you can use a variety of options: stylish leggings in a vertical or horizontal strip, with patterns, white, beige or, conversely, very bright blue or pink.

Fashionable winter leggings can be worn with fur jackets, fur coats or sheepskins. In this outfit is comfortable and warm. Shortened leggings (up to the middle of roe) are used as home clothes, for sports, for country walks and beach holidays, they are worn with long vests, shorts or miniskirts.

Tips for stylists

Leggings should always be longer than the selected dress or skirt. Preferred are leggings of calm monochromatic tones. Leggings with lace trim are more suitable for a beach or evening wardrobe and fit well with light dresses and summer shoes or slippers. Leather leggings are ideal for cool and windy weather. The combination of leggings and sneakers is unacceptable. This is a sign of bad taste. If you are leopard leggings, then other things of the same color should be excluded.