Haircuts - fashion 2015

On the eve of the arrival of spring heat, many girls are beginning to worry about the hair, because soon have to take off the hat, and on the head should be not just an order, but a fashionable haircut. About what haircuts will be in vogue in 2015, let's talk in this article.

"Bob" - many-sided and versatile

In 2015, the fashion for women's haircuts is quite unambiguous - in the trend, a beloved "bob", and it is many-sided and very different. The hairstyle has so many variations that it can be picked up and worn with absolutely any shape of the face and every woman will look completely different than the other with the same "bean".

"Bob" goes even to those who do not have a lot of hair and they are thin. Fashion 2015 guarantees that at least one option of haircuts will suit them. For example, it can be a slightly curled variation when the wide natural curls give the missing volume to the hair.

Extended "bean" is suitable for those who prefer medium-length hairstyles and are not ready to cut short for fashion. A "bob" with a bang - great for girls who do not want to open their forehead. Her haircut looks just as good.

"Kare" - and not necessarily short

Fashion haircuts for 2015 says that the second most popular place - "quads." It can also be elongated, bulky, without clear lines, slightly chaotic, maximally natural, with bangs and without it.

"Pixie" - ultrashort haircut

Of course, the fashion of 2015 could not bypass lovers of short haircuts. "Pixie" - an ideal option for creative girls with nice features. A slight mess on their cute heads looks fine.

Very similar to this haircut, another ultrashort, called "ganson", which is translated from French as "boy". This hairstyle looks very good both on young girls and on mature women.