Hairstyle in Greek style

It is not necessary to be Aphrodite or Athena to feel like a Greek goddess. But beautiful hair styles in the Greek style will allow and look appropriate. The benefits of creating them are plenty, so choosing the most effective option is not a problem. In addition, a simple hairstyle in the Greek style is done in a few minutes and without the help of a master. And if you take into account the fact that the Greek style is fashionable, then the popularity of such hairstyles is easy to explain.

The curls of the goddess

Any hairstyle in the style of the Greek goddess begins with the creation of free curls, which then fit in a variety of ways. Curl hair, if nature has awarded you straight, you can and curling, and hair curlers, and a styler with special attachments. Do not forget to wash your hair before curling and apply a thermal protection on them, preserving the health of your hair and its shape. Then you can start creating a hairstyle. One-two strands leave freely flowing to the cheekbones, and strands from the temples zakolite from behind. To give the volume, you can lightly comb the hair. It remains to pick up a catchy large hairpin , and the hair is ready!

Often Greek style hairstyles are performed with a bandage. This can be a satin ribbon, and a metal hoop decorated with rhinestones, and a multilayer bandage of thin twigs. Such an element can perform practical (maintain hair) or decorative function. Spectacularly looks an evening hairstyle in the Greek style, if along the forehead there is a pendant with shining crystals or artificial small pearls. To create everyday hairstyles, a bandage that is the basis for a hairstyle is perfect. Smoothly combed hair back wind on the bandage, and then fix its ends with the help of small scallops. Some types of dressings are a decorative cord with an elastic insert. This insert remains hidden under the hair, and the decorative part looks like a hoop. It is such an ornament for the hair used by girls who prefer the style of hippies and bohos.

Fantasy braids are an excellent option for creating a hairstyle in the Greek style. If you weave several ordinary braids, and then collect them in a high tail, the hair will be very stylish, and the Greek will make a bezel or bandage. The braids may be different in thickness. Yes, and a weaving technician can use a few. Make hair curls, and along the forehead line from one temple to the other weave a French braid, and leave the remainder of the hair loose. Time to create a haircut spend no more than 10 minutes, and the image will be divinely tender.

Greek Beams

If the classical beam involves creating a smooth texture without volume, then the bunch for Greek-style hairstyles should be lush, with beating strands, deliberately careless. It is enough to gather the hair in the tail, making a small nap on the crown, and then pound it with studs, forming a bulky bundle. The finishing touch is a metal multi-layered bezel.

Of course, it is much easier to make hairstyles from long hair, but short hair in Greek style can be entered if desired. It's not about overhead braids, but about jewelry. Curly short hair is enough to fix the rim in the Greek style or to chop off them on the back of the head with a large hairpin, first making a small coat to create the effect of light negligence. At the same time, the strands that are beaten add to the image of the charm, so you do not need to struggle with them.