Heeled shoes - with what to wear and how to create stylish images?

Classical shoes do not lose popularity from season to season. Designers offer a variety of solutions, but the trendy choice is the shoes-boats on the heel. Such a completion will always emphasize the femininity of the style and the gentleness of the gait.

Heeled shoes 2018

In new collections, stylish shoes are presented in a wide variety. Designers use practical everyday materials and combine them with a stylish finish. Strasses, stones, sequins, lace inserts, bows and embroidery are considered to be a beautiful decoration solution. Designers also offer different versions of the form itself. In the trend, a classical closed oval base, an idea with an open heel , a blunt or pointed toe. But let's see the most stylish shoes-shoes on the heel:

  1. Transparent shoe . Effectively and unusually looks the idea of ​​an invisible pad. Transparent heels can be decorated with rhinestones and stones or presented in a figured form - curved, corrugated, carved and others.
  2. In combination with the platform . Fashionable choice remains the model on the refined shoe and thick sole under the toe. This option is relevant both with thin pins and wide heels. It looks interesting design with a hidden platform.
  3. With a buckle-bracelet . In modern fashion, not only classic models are presented, but also a version with an ankle fastener. This style will provide a more reliable fixation of shoes on the foot. A beautiful thin or wide strap often acts and a beautiful decor.
  4. With an open toe . In the summer season, open styles are considered an actual choice. The most popular was the design with a slot on the toe, denuding fingers. These shoes not only demonstrate a stylish pedicure, but also add ease and grace to the image.

Women's pumps with heels

Such fashionable footwear can act as a basic accessory for everyday wear or a stylish addition to the evening, themed side. The main difference of design in this case is the material. However, the decorative side is of no small importance. In the modern style, original, and even outrageous solutions in combinations for every day are welcomed. Classic shoes-boats are increasingly an additional element, but if you want to emphasize the fashionable end, it is worthwhile to dwell on bright and flashy models. Let's see the most popular:

  1. Leather . This option is considered the most convenient and practical for active socks. To make your choice attractive and original, pay attention to products with embossed patterns under the skin of reptiles, varnished and perforated design.
  2. Suede . If your basic style meets a feminine gentle direction, pick up beautiful accessories with a note of romantic suede. A pleasant matte fabric makes the overall look of the shoes neat, which complements the whole ensemble with this quality.
  3. Velvet . Beautiful and exquisitely look products from luxurious evening fabric. Brilliant material looks amazingly in both dark and saturated colors, and gentle pastel colors. Glitter of velvet attracts and without additional decor. However, in combination with stones such shoes will be a beautiful accent in the image.
  4. Denim . A fashionable trend is the model of denim. Especially stylish, the denim top looks in the ensemble with a refined shoe in the coloring under the tree. Such accessories are relevant to both high and neat little heels.

Low Heel Shoes

A low shoe is a guarantee of unconditional practicality and comfort. This version of footwear is especially suitable for tall women of fashion who try not to add extra centimeters in growth. However, at the same time, the shoes on the small heel look very elegant and feminine. Such accessories can be designed as with a rounded and blunt nose shape, and a narrowed front. The boundaries of the toe are also different: solid or open at the sides. Classic low-heeled shoes are presented with a wide horseshoe or a small glass not more than two centimeters high.

Low Heel Shoes

A universal choice for any type of figure and growth is considered models with a shoe of moderate height. This option has a heel no more than five centimeters high. Comfortable for active everyday wear are considered bright products with a stable shape of the pads. To elegant and business bows are more suitable black shoes-boats on an average heel. By choosing such accessories, you do not have to worry about fatigue in your legs, even if you spent the whole day on the go. Topical species are kitty heels, a glass or a small barrel.

High Heel Shoes

Not every fashionista can wear high shoes due to various activities and activities during the day. However, if you are lucky enough to "make friends" with such shoes, then you can be sure that your image is always feminine, graceful, graceful and sexy. Effectively and neatly look suede shoes-boats on a high-heeled heel. But for frequent daily use more suitable leather models. A high shoe can act as a bright accent in the design. Fashion designers decorate thin hairpins and wide forms with stones, carved patterns, engraving.

Heeled shoes

Shoes with wide heels will always provide a more comfortable and functional image. Shoes on the stable heel look no less effective than the thin pads, but it is more wear-resistant and durable. The most popular species is a round barrel. This option can be high or small. It is interesting to look at asymmetric solutions - wide from above and narrowed downwards. Wide heels are always expressive, so designers offer interesting monochrome models or ideas with a contrasting coloring of the base and top.

Heeled shoes

The square shape has become especially popular for business women of fashion, whose style is distinguished by restraint and rigor. However, such models are not prohibited for romantic or kezhural bows. The main feature here is the broad, stable shape and sharpness of borders, which accentuate neatness and neatness in combination. In the trend, high accessories and shoes with a small cube under the heel. Boat shoes with a wide square-shaped heel are also presented with a shoe larger than shoes. This completion looks very impressive and stylish.

With what to wear shoes-boats with heels?

Initially, classic women's shoes were considered an attribute of business style. In modern fashion, this completion refers to universal solutions and is welcomed in a wide variety of combinations. The advantage of beautiful shoes is their ability to dilute extravagant ensembles, adding restraint to them, and to emphasize elegance and sophistication in laconic images. Let's see, with what it is fashionable to wear female classical shoes-boats on a heel:

  1. Business bow . A win-win solution will be any model for combining with strict office suits, a dress-case and an ensemble of a pencil skirt and a white blouse.
  2. Romantic combination . Strict completion looks great in the image with a light dress or a skirt of flying style. For such bows are relevant models for high and medium-height shoe.
  3. Under evening attire . Neat cocktail dresses or long dresses will successfully complement shoes with rhinestones, shiny materials, pressed leather or soft suede.
  4. Cedar image . Women's classic footwear looks stylishly in the ensemble with jeans, knitted sweaters, especially the oversize style, leather trousers and overalls. In such bows it is possible to add bright and bulky accessories - capacious bags, volumetric snuff and scarfs, large costume jewelry and so on.

Beige Heeled Shoes

Accessories of nude color are considered as universal as the shoes of classic shades. However, when choosing such models, it is worth remembering that they will not be able to make an accent. Therefore, this option is suitable only as a supplement to the onion. Beige high-heeled shoes look great with monophonic dresses and mini-and midi skirts. Models with a moderate shoe can be added to shortened trousers or jeans. If you select clothes with prints , then the combination of shades should not be very contrasting.

Black shoes with heels - boats

This version of footwear has become universal for any image. A fashionable solution is considered. And do not worry that you will look like a mourning. The monochrome image will stylishly complement the black high-heeled shoes, emphasizing elegance and independence. Models with a low shoe should be used in everyday style. And in this case, both bright and contrast combinations are possible, as well as a monochrome top of saturated color - red, blue, yellow and others.

White Heeled Shoes

The perfect choice in white color became accessories for a wedding dress . In this case, the decorated and lace items will be appropriate. Using such shoes in everyday bows, combine it with light jeans and light tops or shirts, light dresses and skirts in pastel colors. A fashionable choice of white shoes with small heels will be in a black ensemble. This completion will dilute the dull coloring of clothes and add to the appearance of romance and tenderness.

Red Heeled Shoes

Shoes of bright color will always be a catchy accent in the bow. Therefore, for such models it is better to choose clothes of reserved colors - beige, black, white. In the warm season, products of deep colors - sapphire, emerald, eggplant and others - are relevant. Red shoes-boats on a low heel can be added to the image with jeans and a white T-shirt or shirt. But in this bow another element is needed for the color of completion, for example, a bag. Accessories on the high shoe are perfect for ensembles on the way out and evening combinations.