Holidays in Monaco

Monaco is a tiny state with an area of ​​only 2 km². It is located on the shore of the Ligurian Sea, in the south of Europe, 20 km from Nice. The length of the coastline of the country is 4.1 km. Monaco is one of the most densely populated countries in the world.

Cultural and sporting events

Rest in Monaco attracts a large number of tourists, because the principality is an important cultural center. In the Hall of Garnier, where there is a philharmonic orchestra and the opera of Monte Carlo, at various times a large number of famous and distinguished personalities performed. And the oceanographic museum of the country was led by the famous researcher Jacques Yves Cousteau.

In addition to fans of cultural and beach recreation, in Monaco, also annually attracted fans of the famous Formula One racing. And, of course, fans of gambling can not ignore the world-famous casino Monte Carlo.

Hotels in Monaco

The high-class level of service provided in luxury hotels and hotels attracts elite holidaymakers to the country. But rest in Monaco with children can be very comfortable, because many establishments are focused on this category of tourists.


As such, there is no national cuisine in the country, but different European dishes are offered in all institutions. Culinary delights of French and Italian cuisine can be found in the menu of restaurants more often than others.

Attractions and attractions

In Monaco, a holiday at sea can be combined with gambling and visiting interesting sights . That is why the principality enjoys such popularity among tourists, despite the relatively high prices.

The historical part of the city, located in the heart of the country on the cliff, is the main attraction. There is the palace Grimaldi - the ruling family, the cathedral, in which the actress Grace Kelly, and the museum of Napoleon, as well as the famous oceanological museum, are located.

Fans of gambling can check their luck at the Monte Carlo casino every day from noon until dawn. To get to the casino you need to submit a document confirming the attainment of majority, namely 21 years. Fans of a more relaxed pastime will definitely love the azure coastline and sandy beaches of Monaco. Sea holidays in Monaco are best planned in July or August. Otherwise, the most comfortable time for visiting the principality is from May to September.