The most beautiful cities in Belgium

Belgium is an amazing country where you can see the extraordinary beauty of river valleys and woodlands, narrow streets of cities and huge central squares in them, a combination of medieval buildings and new buildings, hundreds of churches, castles , museums . We bring to your attention the rating of places to be visited in Belgium .

TOP-10 of the most beautiful cities in Belgium


It is considered the second largest among all Belgian cities, however, in beauty and extraordinary color, it surpasses even Brussels. Antwerp is a city of diamonds, here is the World Diamond Center. In addition, the city is rightfully recognized as the capital of design art in the country.

The historical part of it is filled with medieval structures, among which there is a huge tower 123 meters high, belonging to the Cathedral of the Antwerp Mother of God . One of the most remarkable places in the city is the Antwerp Zoo . Of the other attractions worth highlighting the main square of the city - the Grote Markt, the 16th-century town hall with statues and frescoes, the Diamond Museum , the Rubens Museum and the Church of St. Charles Borromeo .


In the list of the most beautiful cities in Belgium, Bruges got through its amazing urban landscapes, beautiful parks, medieval structures and, of course, water canals.

The museum of chocolate is open and very popular in the city, and also the chocolate festival "Choc in Brugge" is held annually. Separate attention deserves a market square with old colorful houses. Among other landmarks of the city ​​we will highlight the Town Hall of the 15th century, the Basilica of the Holy Blood of Christ , the bell tower of Beffroy and the temple of Our Lady of the XII-XIV centuries of construction, which attracts attention "Madonna and Child", executed by Michelangelo.


In the ranking of the most beautiful cities in Belgium, Brussels occupies a significant place. It is not only the center of the state, but also the headquarters of the EU and the residence of NATO. The first thing I want to mention is the Mini Europe Park , which includes 350 of the most famous sights from 80 European cities. Near the park is the most famous sculpture of Brussels - "Atomium" . At the very top of its tier there is an observation deck with stunning views of the capital of Belgium, in the other pavilions there are a restaurant, a mini-hotel and exhibition halls.

One of the most beautiful squares in Europe, the guests of the capital recognize the local Grand Place . Along with it, the 15th-century town hall with its rich interiors, where the municipality now sits, the King's House of the XIII century, now the Museum of the City, and the Cathedral of Michael and Gudula , are the mandatory places to visit.


Among the best cities in Belgium must be attributed and Ghent . A quiet, cozy town, sometimes called the flower capital of Belgium, Ghent is unique and beautiful at any time of the year. Here you can walk along the historic center, which is pedestrian, wander through the narrow streets and see small, like a doll, houses. A great pastime can also be a boat trip through the city's canals.

Among the attractions can be identified the Cathedral of St. Bavo with its altar of the XV century, the medieval castle Gravensten , which used to be the residence of the Flanders counts, and now the museum of justice. Great popularity in Ghent is also enjoyed by the local opera house.


One of the interesting cities of Belgium, drowning in the green of forests and valleys, along which streams and rivers flow. Today the city ​​of Spa is an international resort center, which is famous for its healing waters and natural charm. It is this city that gave the name to all the resorts where there are sources and medical and rehabilitation procedures are being conducted. And, despite the many such resorts in Europe, the city of Spa in Belgium still occupies one of the first places among lovers of relaxation procedures.


This city is located on the banks of two rivers - Ort and Maas - and attracts tourists with parks, squares and amazing architecture. The city of Liege is recognized as a city of arms masters and crystal makers. From the sights of the city ​​we will single out the church of St. Bartholomew , St. Peter's Cathedral , the Curtius Museum and the Museum of Public Transport .


The student town of Leuven is located on the banks of the Dale River and is known primarily for the oldest university, founded in 1425. From the city ​​sights it is recommended to visit the beautiful Gothic town hall, St. Peter's Church , Big Beguinage and the magnificent Botanical Garden , which attract tourists' attention with extraordinary architectural forms.


Located between Antwerp and Brussels, the city ​​of Mechelen has an ancient history and is replete with monuments of culture and architecture, among which is the UNESCO listed cathedral of St. Rumold . From other significant structures of the city it is worth noting the church of St. John and the Virgin, as well as the building of the City Hall.


The cozy ancient town of Malmedy is located near Liège and is famous for its cream, French fries and the annual carnival Cwarmê, which is dedicated to a whole museum. In addition, in Malmedy is the Belgian stage of the Grand Prix of Formula 1, which gathers tens of thousands of fans on its days.


In the list of the most interesting cities in Belgium, and the coastal resort of Ostend , which is popular far beyond Belgium. In Ostend you will find five picturesque beaches for a comfortable holiday on the beach. In addition to these, the city has two art museums, the Church of Saints Peter and Paul , an aquarium, a hippodrome and a casino. The canal is the connecting link between the port of Ostend and the city ​​of Bruges .

Finally I would like to say that whatever city you choose to visit, be sure that you will not be disappointed, because each of them is beautiful and unique in its own way.