Beaches of Sweden

A summer trip to Sweden will not do without visiting the beaches. They will please with soft sand and entertainment, which will make the holiday more diverse and rich. Nice news will be low prices for sea holidays in Sweden compared to the Mediterranean Sea. Swedes believe that beaches, like the sea, should be accessible to everyone.

The most popular Swedish beaches

Sweden has various beaches: wild, near fishing ports, in bays and equipped, with clean soft sand and developed infrastructure. Going to Sweden on vacation, it is worth knowing about the most popular of them:

  1. Beach on the island of Gotland. In the south-east of Sweden is the well-known tourist island of Gotland. It is there that Sudersand beach, which is open throughout the year. It is the most popular in Sweden and occupies most of the island of Forø , adjacent to Gotland. Sudersand pleases tourists with the open sea, a pleasant restaurant and the opportunity to go boating. There is even a hotel in Foro where you can spend a few days.
  2. Beaches of Stockholm . The capital in the summer opens up great opportunities for recreation. In addition to interesting excursions and entertainment, you can also get enough sea rest. Among the metropolitan beaches worth noting two: Smedsudbadet and Lengholmsbadet. These beaches have been specially equipped as recreation areas, so there is everything for a great pastime: entertainment for children and adults, bars and restaurants, water attractions. It is worth noting that the beaches are great for recreation with children, as the entrance to the sea here is smooth, and the bottom is without stones. In any hotel in Stockholm you will be prompted how to get there.
  3. Beach of Varamon Beach. One of the most sunny Swedish beaches. It is located near the town of Motala. In summer there are always a lot of tourists. There are hotels and a place for camping . But do not worry that a large influx of tourists will make the rest tense: on a long beach with excellent white sand there is a place for everyone.
  4. Boda Beach. It is located on the island of Öland in southern Sweden. It is often visited by lovers of water sports. There is also a golf course here. Therefore, Boda can be met as a respectable connoisseur of the game for aristocrats, and young people - supporters of active and even extreme recreation.
  5. Beaches of Skåne. This is the local Riviera, since here is the largest number of beaches among all regions of Sweden. Despite the fact that the city is home to more than a million people, the beaches are never crowded. The beaches of Skåne are covered with white sand along the entire length. Next to them are many restaurants with delicious food and local wine. There are many zoos and water parks in the city, and for those who came to Skåna only for the sake of the sea, a variety of water slides and other attractions are installed on the coast.
  6. Beaches of the Kullaberg reserve. Rest on the sea coast promises to be rich and diverse. In addition to being surrounded by magnificent natural landscapes, tourists are still waiting for a lot of entertainment - from golf to fishing . Themselves the beaches in Cullaberg are mainly located next to the rocks, what attracts fans of thrill.

You should know that visiting Swedish beaches with pets is prohibited. Going to the sea, you can not take even decorative small dogs with you - here it is fined for this.