How to determine the size of women's gloves?

When planning a visit to buy gloves, we usually do not think much about how manufacturers label their sizes. Goods from the "leather goods" group are often selected by fitting. The correspondence of the size of gloves is determined by the density of their fitting to the hands. If everything is fine - buy, no - continue to measure. But all is well, if the store is ordinary. And what if the purchase takes place in the online store ? How to determine the size of women's leather gloves without fitting, and not to lose? The most important thing is to determine the type of marking, and then to compare the obtained values ​​with the parameters of your hands. This article will help you learn how to determine the size of women's gloves.

Dimensional nets and physiological features

There are many options for marking leather goods, so there is often confusion in determining the appropriate size. Avoid the unsuccessful purchase of a table of sizes of women's gloves, which indicates the size grids of Asian and European manufacturers. Differences in size are explained by the physiological characteristics of the average European and Asian. If you focus on European glove sizes, then the pair produced in China and marked by the same marking will be ungodly you! It is also worth remembering that in America glove marking is alphabetic, not digital. In addition, only one parameter is used - the girth of the brush diagonally from the wrist under the little finger to the base of the index finger. But this is not a problem either. If you clearly know the parameters of your own brushes, buying gloves online will be successful.

When determining the size of gloves, it is necessary to measure the length of the palms from the wrist to the free end of the nail on the middle finger, the palm of the hand at the base of the fingers and the length of the middle finger. If the glove model is non-standard and involves wearing a tight fitting on the wrist, then its girth should also be measured. After accurate measurements it remains to find the corresponding value in the table and determine the size that should be specified in the order form. Be sure to pay attention to the units of measurement used in the tables with dimensional meshes! Very often, American manufacturers are given in inches. These values ​​should be translated into our "native" centimeters. For example, the smallest glove size is 6 by the European system, S by the American one, which corresponds to the palm rim equal to 16 centimeters. Gloves of large sizes, respectively, are marked 13 (European) and XXXLG, that is, the palm rests equal to 33 centimeters. Such specimens are mostly men.

Important nuances

When choosing gloves made of genuine leather, pay attention to what kind of leather they are made of. If it is the skin of a lamb, the gloves will be soft, elastic. Such products are well stretched, so even with a slightly larger size, the hands "sit down" perfectly. But this material has one drawback. Lamb leather gloves with active daily wear quickly wear out. Goat skin can not boast of high adaptability in terms of size (gloves go size in size, do not stretch), but the products from it perfectly retain the original shape for a very long time.

One French company specializing in the production of gloves has introduced an interesting and practical innovation. The production of one of the lines has a universal size. This was made possible by the introduction of technology based on the use of elastic inserts in gloves. Thanks to them, gloves are very tight around the arm of any size.