Is channeling true or fiction?

A number of esoteric teachings of our time argue that there is a way to connect to the universal mind, more ancient than life itself on Earth. An all-powerful global intellect exists from the moment of the birth of the Universe itself and to find contact with any reason, but not a human one, thanks to a special practice called "channeling."

Channeling - what is it?

The term "channeling" came from the English. the words "channel", literal translation - "channeling". Previously, it was called "contactee". The followers of this doctrine believe that certain entities "lead" humanity, send information in the form of different messages-revelations. Channeling is an opportunity to find steady contact with the Global Mind and "mentors", sometimes called "the elder brothers of humanity." These mentors may be different entities :

Is channeling true or fiction?

For many centuries, mankind has been trying to find the path to truth. Millions of people claim to communicate with beings from the invisible world who "lead" them. Those who have found a way to communicate with the Higher mind are called contactees or mediums. Often their stories are written according to patterns: some entity chose them as an envoy, and they broadcast in words of Reason. Unfortunately, most of the information is false. The whole truth about channeling is that not everyone is able to know the Higher Mind, and one can not speak directly to him.

In the role of contactees, for example, shamans and practicing yogis who can enter a deep trance can act. Build a channel with otherworldly forces are able and mediums. Among them, many charlatans and prove the reality of what is happening is practically not possible. In addition, under the influence of contact, different phenomena are understood:

  1. Telepathic communication with someone or something.
  2. Getting information in the form of a picture or a letter.
  3. The state of trance, when the contactee says "not his own voice."

Channeling - "for" and "against"

The practice of channeling has its supporters and opponents. On the one hand, interaction with the Higher Powers will help to provide answers to many questions of concern to mankind. This technique also provides an opportunity:

On the other hand, the channels of the higher powers are activities that do not suit everyone. All the information received, a person must pass through himself, his soul. Experienced contactees argue that this practice is contraindicated in young (up to 21 years) and people with psychological disabilities. Moreover, while in a trance, it is impossible to perceive critically open messages.

What is channeling and how to use it?

Channeling is a popular practice with many followers. For those who wish to find a connection with the channel of Reason and translate the language of vibrations into an understandable language of consciousness, there are many hints, "methodologies" and practical literature. To find a mentor from a different world, you need to knowingly ask him to come. And in order to enter a special state, you must have the following:

How to start channeling?

If there is a desire to build communication with the universe itself, you can try to become a "channel", using special literature and regularly practicing. And you can take training in a group, which is much easier. The path of comprehension of the Highest Reason is different for everyone. At the first stage, channeling for beginners involves the following actions:

  1. Preparation of a place is quiet, away from people, at home or in nature.
  2. Adoption of the meditation posture: straight back, comfortable fit, conscious deep breathing, closed eyes.
  3. Enter the state of trance.
  4. Building communication with unattainable entities. It is not necessary that a person immediately feel their presence, but it is important to tune in to a certain "wave" and imagine that it is surrounded by a world beyond the world with its inhabitants. The heart must be open to love.

Channeling - how to open a channel?

The technique of channeling is to realize which frequencies need to be tuned, and imagine that many beings of Light are approaching the contactee. He seems to be opening the door to a new world. The main thing is to believe in what is happening, to abstract from reality. To achieve interaction with an imaginary mentor, it is important to provide answers in advance to such questions as:

  1. What do you plan to learn in the communication process?
  2. What should be the tutor? His qualities.
  3. What kind of relationship is planned to develop?

Channeling with your Higher Self

The phenomenon of "contactism" implies the existence of several worlds. However, not all advocates of this practice are trying to reach out to the otherworldly or extraterrestrial intelligence. Much greater interest, than the channeling of entities, represents contact with the Higher Self - hidden powers and opportunities that a person can not suspect. Sometimes by this term we understand the divine essence, which is invisibly present in everyone. The channeling of the Higher Self is an attempt to connect with one's own Spirit and connect to the subconscious.

Channeling - books

Development of its own channel is facilitated by the study of special literature. Many authors are personally familiar with this practice and have tried (successfully) to establish contact with the Global Mind. World channeling is thoroughly studied in popular editions of Russian and foreign authors. Some of them:

  1. "Channeling. Theory and practice". Rydall Catherine.
  2. "Open the channel. Theory and practice of channeling. " Sanaya Roeman and Duane Packer.
  3. "Is it possible to become a contactee?" OA Krasavin.
  4. "Ask your mentors." Sonia Choket.
  5. "Sphere of Reason". A.G. Eye.

All submitted literature is written at different times, beginning in 1988, and analyzes various aspects of contactism. One of the most recent publications, dated 2012 - the book "Sphere of Reason" - channeling reviews from a special perspective. The publication presents readers with an alternative view of the events taking place in 2012, the proposed End of the World, and suggests steps that must be taken immediately.

As with any esoteric practice, channeling finds its followers and those who are extremely skeptical of this phenomenon. To believe or not is everyone's business. People do not know if there exists an otherworldly world and higher powers, but the possibilities of the human brain sometimes amaze and you can use them to cross the thin line of consciousness and open yourself to the new.