Is it possible to highlight in 2014?

Girls who are not averse to changing the image, often resort to coloring their hair. Options for staining modern salons can offer a lot, but melioration for several years remains one of the most popular. And is it fashionable now, in 2014, to make highlights? This question worries many of us, because this technique of changing hair color is considered one of the most sparing. Before disclosing the secret, which melioration is now in vogue, we suggest to understand the subtleties of this method of staining.

Features of technology

It is worth mentioning that there are only two ways to perform benchmarking. You can color hair sticks with a special cap with holes or wrapping individual strands in the most common foil. Recently, masters use the second method, since when pulling strands into the holes of the cap, there is a risk of damaging the hair. Yes, and the sensation of this procedure can not be called pleasant.

Melirovanie in the classical performance - is the coloring of individual strands in color, differing at least two tones from the main (and darker and lighter). It is to the classical melirovaniyu girls resorted most often. To understand, in fashion in 2014 melirovanie or not, just look at the photos of Hollywood celebrities. Many blonde actresses and singers prefer to make accents clarified strands, which give the hair shine and radiance.

No less demanded is the bronning - the type of highlighting, which differs from the traditional one by the presence of two or more additional tones, which differ from the tone of the main canvas. The paint with this coloring is not applied to the entire strand, but to its individual areas. Incredibly stylishly, the bronzing looks on the dark hair, but the blondes can also experiment with the overflows of several tones of the same color.

The third type of melioration is coloring. This kind of staining can be done only in the salon, because it is impossible to predict the reaction of the hair to the paint composition, and the strands should blend harmoniously with each other perfectly. The colors and their shades can be as many as you like!

As you can see, the question of the topicality of the highlighting is incorrect, since there are hundreds of variants of staining in this technique. After acquainting yourself with the photos from our gallery, you will certainly find the best option for melioration.