Kanye West and the Chinese company intend to sue for the brand Yeezy

Excessive self-confidence and inattention to important details led the 40-year-old rapper and part-time designer Kanye West. He lost the right to use the name Yeezy for clothing.

Competitors do not slumber or carelessness of West

Kanye West finally recovered from the depression and is happy to be replenished in the family, building grandiose plans not only in the musical field, but also on the design field. However, on the career path of spouse Kim Kardashian as a fashion designer, there was a serious obstacle in the face of Fujian Baby Network Technology Co.

Kanye West in clothes from his own collection Yeezy

In 2013, West issued a patent for the Yeezy brand for footwear, but for unknown reasons it did not register it for clothing. Carelessness of the American reper decided to take advantage of Chinese competitors. Textile company Fujian Baby Network Technology Co, realizing what profit promises them the trade name Yeezy, decided to get it for their clothing line.

When last year, lawyers Kanye finally started issuing papers, it turned out that he had already acquired Fujian Baby Network Technology Co.

Return your

Kanye remained only a brand Yeezy Boots, but to release under the name Yeezy he can do nothing more. The rapper considers this situation unfair and is ready to defend his rights in court.

Yeezy Boots Shoes

In the suit, which his lawyers have already prepared, it is pointed out that Yeezy's trademark has become popular all over the world thanks to the efforts of Kanye, who for six years produced the same collection of clothes.

Kanye West last Tuesday in Malibu
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By the way, in 2017 in a similar situation came the sister of wife Kanye, Kylie Jenner. Together with Kylie Minogue, she sued for copyright on the brand Kylie. As a result, Jenner lost and now can not produce products under this name.