Nature of Australia

Speaking of Australia , many of us - especially those who were not there - first of all recall kangaroos and deserts. In fact, the nature of Australia is very diverse, and its ecosystem is much richer than it seems: there are its mountains, plains and tropical forests. And now let's visit in absentia this most interesting continent and find out what is the peculiarity of the nature of Australia!

Interesting facts about the nature of Australia

As you know, Australia is an island continent. It is located at an altitude of only 330 meters above sea level. The climatic map of this huge island includes both tropical (in the north), and Mediterranean (in the south-west), and temperate (in the southeast) belts. In general, Australia is the driest continent on our planet.

The nature and climate of Australia are closely interrelated, because the amount of precipitation, duration of droughts and temperature fluctuations have a huge impact on both the flora and fauna.

We invite you to get acquainted with the facts about the wild nature of Australia, some of which you will surely learn for the first time:

  1. Kangaroo is by no means the only representative of marsupials in the wildlife of Australia. Here you can also include koalas, opossums, wombats, wallabies, extinct Tasmanian wolves and other interesting animals. By the way, about 70% of all known marsupials were found on this continent!
  2. Did you know that there are more poisonous snake species in Australia than non-poisonous ones? In addition, it is the only continent that can "boast" such statistics. Among other reptiles, there are sea crocodiles, the thick-tailed gecko, the brown tree snake, placid lizards, the eastern bearded dragon and 860 different species of reptiles.
  3. Although deserts and semi-deserts make up most of the continent, the flora of Australia is, nevertheless, very diverse. Here grow such unique representatives of the flora as the moisture-loving eucalyptus, Dorothees, Christmas and bottle trees, more than 500 species of acacia, etc.
  4. The wild nature of Australia is unique because the fauna contains no predators. It's hard to believe, but it was precisely this nature that created this unusual continent. The only dangerous Australian animal is the famous dog Dingo. However, it does not apply to local Aborigines, because this beast was brought here from Southeast Asia.
  5. If you are going to Australia with a tourist trip, be sure to bring a hat from the sun: it is very active here, and you have all chances to get burned by getting an unusually large dose of ultraviolet.
  6. Kangaroo is not only the national symbol of Australia, it is also its national dish. Yes, the meat of kangaroos is eaten here. It is very low-calorie, and becomes tasteless and tough, if at least a little fry it. But if you cook kenguryatinu skillfully and by all means, then you can appreciate this unusual dish.
  7. The Great Barrier Reef is known all over the world. Of course, this is the largest living ecosystem in the world. The reef stretches for 3 thousand km, striking not only its scale, but also the picturesque shades of hundreds, thousands, millions of beautiful corals. Barrier Reef - one of those wonders of nature, for the sake of contemplation which is worth visiting this distant country.
  8. No less surprising is another Australian natural landmark - horizontal waterfalls. They are on the coast of Kimberley, in Talbot Bay. These waterfalls are formed due to extremely high tides and tides, which occur here several times a day.