Beaches of New Zealand

The beaches of New Zealand are a real paradise for those who are looking for colorful landscapes, indescribable beauty, and ideal waves suitable for surfing.

Beach holidays in New Zealand are sandy islands, untouched by civilization, and thousands of kilometers of amazing beaches along the coast. Consider the most beautiful and interesting beaches.

Karekare beach

Karekare Beach is located on the west coast of Auckland , which is on the North Island . It is interesting that he got world fame in 1993, after the film "Piano" was released on the screens. Today Karekare is a beach of black volcanic sand, useful for health, as well as massive rocky cliffs, smoothly flowing into the sea. The coastline of the beach is framed by such local plants as manuka, fern and cabbage. Complementing all this beauty is the waterfall, which attracts tourists to its enchanting noise. It is interesting that Karekare is famous not only for therapeutic black sand, but also for the fact that it is often possible to see fur seals and seals on its shore.

Piha beach

Piha Beach is the birthplace of New Zealand surfing. It is here that since 1958 national and international competitions have started. This beach is also famous for its natural beauty. Like Karekare, the shore of Piha is covered with black volcanic sand. On its territory there is a rock Lion Rock, which divides the beach into the northern and southern parts. It's interesting that she got this name because she looks like a lying lion. Lion Rock became famous throughout Oakland: the rock is depicted on stamps.

Ninety mile beach

Ninety mile Beach is located on Rheinga Point , North Island. After Ripiro Beach is the second longest beach in New Zealand . And although 90 miles are mentioned in his name, in fact, its length is 55 miles, which is about 90 km. It is worth noting that the "90 Miles" gave the beach once it was the Christian missionaries. They traveled on horseback and believed that for a day their horse passed about 30 miles, then a small rest was required, and the whole trip on the beach took them three days. Since then, this name of the paradise has caught hold of this piece of paradise. Than the beach will surprise, so it's incredible beauty dunes, patterns of which change with every breath of the wind. If you will drive to the sea from the depths of the island, be sure to pay attention to this sandy work of art. It is worth mentioning that this beach is a favorite vacation spot for kayaks, boats, surfers and windsurfers.

Hot water beach

Hot Water Beach, Coromandel, North Island is one of the most popular natural attractions not only of New Zealand , but of the whole world. The beach got such a name because of the hot springs that beat from the ground. They can be seen at low tide. At this time, anyone can luxuriate in such a natural SPA. The only thing that is important to remember when immersed in the water source - the water temperature here reaches 60 degrees, and therefore the pool, or rather the pit, is better to dig near the cold water, in order to dilute this boiling water.

Allans beach

On the South Island , in Dunedin is Allans Beach. It is not always possible to meet tourists and passing tourists, but this cozy corner is supposedly created for those who want to be alone with their own thoughts. This is an ideal place for meditation. It hid behind the vegetated dunes, as well as the craggy protrusions of the rocks. In addition to wildlife, on the beach you can admire the seals, sea lions and yellow-eyed penguins of the hoiho.