Panesillo Hill

Pansillo Hill, located in the center of the capital of Ecuador - Quito , it is easy to see regardless of the part of the city in which you are. This landmark, as well as the statue of the Virgin Mary located on the hill, is on the list of places that are very popular with tourists.

Panesillo Hill - landmark with history

According to historical facts, at the time of the Incas on the hill of Panesillo was a temple in which the natives worshiped the sun. However, when the conquistadors arrived in Quito, the temple was completely destroyed and eventually the fortress was erected in its place.

Today Panesillo hill, resembling the breadcrumbs, (which is how its name is translated) can be seen from any point of Quito thanks to the statue of the Virgin Mary, a winged virgin or as it is also called the Virgin of Quito, installed on it. This impressive building consists of 7000 aluminum parts specially brought here and is, in fact, a copy of the sculpture made by the artist Bernadro de Legard. However, the author of the statue of the Virgin Mary is Agustin de la Erran Matorras, who began work on it in 1976. A statue of 45 meters is erected on a hill whose height, by the way, reaches 3016 meters above sea level. According to the canons of the Christian religion, the Madonna, located on El Panesillo, is erected on the globe, and the foot "comes" on the snake. At the same time, the statue has wings, and this contradicts the biblical canons. All the local residents of the capital are very proud of the fact that there is such an amazing monument in their city - the Madonna, seemingly soaring on the wings over Quito.

Tips for visiting Panesillo Hill

You can get to this place by taxi, and only for 3 dollars, if you go from the Old Town, or take a bus. The climb to the monument will cost the tourist about two dollars. Walking is not worth it, because it is completely unsafe due to the presence of narrow sidewalks and winding roads. On the top of the hill there are many souvenir shops, tents with fast food and a toilet.

An excellent viewing platform in the form of a balcony on the hill Panesillo offers a magnificent view of the city.

So, to visit Panesillo Hill tourists are recommended for several reasons: