Shelvings from a tree

A convenient storage device can be a rack. He will find his place in the bedroom, and in the living room, and in the kitchen, and in the bathroom. It is especially convenient that such a piece of furniture as a rack easily fits into any interior and design of the room. Its open shelves are so good that they allow not only to store a lot of things, but also to place on them all the decor items necessary in this or that style. For example, in the interior of the safari it can be wooden figures, and in the naval style - shells and models of ships.

Materials for the production of racks

Shelving can be made of wood, metal, plastic and even partly of textiles. The choice of material depends on the functions that this future piece of furniture will perform. To store some heavy items or for use in an unheated room metal racks will suit, for the bathroom - plastic. But the best appearance and ecological properties have wooden shelves. They can be used in all rooms of a house or apartment, such a piece of furniture can easily be built independently. Well, ready-made variants amaze with a variety of woodworking, various carved details and a huge number of sizes - from small ones, not more than a meter in height and with 2-3 shelves, to large sectional ones that occupy the whole wall.

Types of wooden shelving

According to the configuration, it is possible to distinguish straight lines, located at the wall and wooden corner racks. Corner models are convenient if your room is not very large or the walls are furnished, but there is free space in the corner. There are also options for things and special wooden shelving for books with sloping shelves . Sometimes you can find racks with a built-in table.

Finally, there are open models and shelves, cabinets, in which the shelves are hidden behind the doors.