Bone on the leg - how to get rid?

There is no more unpleasant phenomenon for a woman than the appearance of bones on her legs. Nevertheless, this happens quite often and it is better to think about this before the problem arises, in time to warn it. And yet, if your feet are already beginning to bother you, then it's worth talking about how to get rid of the stone on your leg.

Causes of ossicles on the legs

No wonder our mothers advise us to wear loose shoes at low speed. At least, shoes should not be tight, because this is considered the main cause of inflammation of the stone on the leg. If you do not think about what you're wearing now, in the future you risk wearing a special foot footwear with a stone.

The second place is given to genetics, although this reason is very controversial. Even if your mom and grandmother had this problem, then you can completely avoid the bones on the leg with proper prevention.

Medical treatment of bones on the leg

The bone itself begins to bulge due to inflammation and deformity. The medical name for this phenomenon is the valgus deviation of the big toe. There are many ways to remove the bones on the legs. It would be simpler and more reliable to go to the hospital and follow the doctor's advice. This is especially true of neglected cases. Medicine has several solutions to this issue:

  1. Removal of bones on the legs with a laser. This procedure is painless and quite safe. The rehabilitation period after such treatment is approximately two weeks.
  2. Operation to remove the stone on the legs. The most secure is crossing the bones and shifting them to the correct position. In addition, the ligaments of the foot return to the correct position. This is also a very effective way to get rid of the problem. With a qualitatively performed operation, rehabilitation will take a fortnight, and you can walk to the patient in a day. However, there are also crippling operations, which consist in cutting part of the metatarsal bone or its complete removal. In this case, the operation, most likely, with time will give negative consequences in the form of lameness and pain in the foot.
  3. Special orthopedic devices. Such devices do not allow to return the stone to the place, but eliminate the pain.
  4. A patch from the bones on the legs. This tool does not always give results, but still deserves to be told about it. The essence of treatment with plaster is its influence on special sensitive points, due to which the blood supply in the tissues is normalized. This has a positive effect on the joints and contributes to their recovery.

Folk bone treatment on legs

Folk wisdom offers us many methods of non-surgical treatment of ossicles on the legs. Recipes of ointments and compresses from ossicles on the legs, relieving pain and inflammation:

  1. A mixture of iodine, aspirin and lemon is applied to diseased bones, and then they wrap their feet with a warm blanket or at least put on warm socks. This procedure is convenient to spend before going to bed, and in the morning remove socks and wash your feet with warm water.
  2. Pomorin toothpaste is very effective . It is applied to problem areas. Legs needed beforehand steam out in hot water and wipe dry. In two or three weeks you will notice a significant decrease in the bones.
  3. Ointment from eggs. The way of preparation of ointment is very dodgy. Egg in a white shell is poured with vinegar and left for two weeks in a dark place. After that, the shells are made and what remains is mixed with turpentine and melted lard. This ointment can be used every other day, alternating with iodine.
  4. The usual honey , melted in a water bath is also quite effective as an ointment.

Such folk recipes from the bones on your legs will allow you to restore the foot health at home.