Shoes Vans - shoes, sneakers, sneakers and slipknots of the world famous brand

Among the fair sex, who prefer to make original bows in the style of kazhual, Vans sports shoes are very popular. It is represented by variants of models intended for both warm and cold seasons.

Vans brand history

The American brand Vans causes constant interest of many women of fashion all over the world. He leads the history of his existence since 1966, when the opening of the first store by Van Doren Rubber took place. The most successful model of steel sneakers, made of linen fabric, designed for skating . She gave birth to a new collection, afterwards the assortment expanded considerably and was supplemented by different types of sports and everyday products.

Vans shoes - how to distinguish a fake from the original?

Fashion women who want to buy women's original Vans sneakers must pay attention to certain moments that will help to avoid getting caught in a fake. The following details attest to belonging to the original:

Women's sneakers Vans

Among fashionists around the world deserved recognition is the original Vans sneakers. They are represented by a variety of models, among which are the following:

High sneakers Vans

Incredibly stylish and original look women's high Vans sneakers. With their help you can create unsurpassed bows, they look good with tapered jeans or leggings, miniskirts or dresses. An organic addition will be a leather jacket - a "scythe". Products distinguish such characteristics:

Low sneakers Vans

For a warm season, many fashionistas prefer to choose low Vans footwear. It is represented by such variations of models:

Suede sneakers Vans

Representatives of the fair sex who want to give the image a more feminine and romantic look will be able to choose suede shoes brand Vans. Among its distinctive characteristics are the following:

Leather sneakers Vans

The highest quality is characterized by leather sneakers Vans. They can be made in different colors, be traditional black, white or any color shades. It is allowed to combine different tones, mainly this is done by drawing a strip on the side surface of the product.

Winter sneakers Vans

With the onset of cold weather, a wonderful alternative to habitual boots or boots will be winter Vans with fur. They have such characteristic features:

Women's Shoes Vans

Although the trading arc is mostly associated with sneakers, there are Vance shoes, represented by other species. Among them you can list the following:

Vans boots

A comfortable option for everyday walks will be women's shoes Vans. Outwardly they correspond to the style of this trademark, reminiscent of sneakers or sneakers. Among their characteristics are the following:

Women's sneakers Vans

To create stylish and effective bows designed sneakers, produced under this brand. With their help you can make such images:

  1. For sports, which is created with the help of appropriate suits, which organically complements Vans sports shoes.
  2. Casual, it can be created using a combination of black, white or colored sneakers and all kinds of jeans, pants, shorts, skirts and dresses.
  3. Romantic, which can be created by applying pink suede Vans sneakers and airy dresses or skirts.

Slips of Vans

Lovers of bright, memorable bows will be appreciated by women's slip-ons Vans. If in the production of sneakers and sneakers advantage is given to monotonous models, then in the manufacture of slip-on designers fully manifest their imagination. This is manifested in the following features:

Vans Slates

In the hot summer days, a real find is the slate of the female Vans. We can note such common variations in their design: