Stoles of cashmere - Italy

Cashmere stole, especially of Italian production, is the most refined addition to winter clothing. In comparison with the usual scarf, it not only warms, but also gives the whole appearance of elegance and romance. It is made of the finest goat's down and has the shape of a rectangle. And since goat fluff does not tolerate intensive staining, then products from it usually have homogeneous muted shades of natural colors.

Cashmere and woolen stoles from Italy are very light, but quite warm. They can be successfully used both in winter and in autumn-spring demi-season periods.

How to choose the right Italian scarves and stoles?

To the stole did not lose its appearance after a season or two, you must responsibly approach his choice. Pay special attention to the material of manufacture - it should be strong and at the same time "breathing". Cashmere perfectly absorbs moisture and has unrivaled thermoregulatory properties.

When making a purchase, do not be lazy to ask for information about the composition of the stole, its manufacturer and the features of the product. Firm stores, as a rule, give customers the opportunity to view detailed images of the fabric structure, where you can see the products right up to the weaves and threads.

Any information, whether colorful photos or detailed descriptions, will help you not to make mistakes with the choice of stole.

Palatines Eleganzza - Italy

Eleganzza is an Italian company specializing in the production of men's and women's accessories, including shawls and stoles.

The Eleganza brand was founded in 1991 by the Italian Benvenuto Arno. The name received its name from the name of one of the rare shades of the mosaic. Initially, Eleganzza produced only women's bags, purses and gloves, but over time the range has expanded considerably.

Today, the line of the brand includes stoles of rich colors from natural cashmere.

Woolen stoles Moschino - Italy

The brand Moschino specializes in the production of women's, men's clothing, accessories and perfumes. The founder of it in 1983 was Franco Moschino.

The highlight of this brand is an ironic attitude to fashion. So all the collections are always filled with a kind of jocular overtones. For example, elegant outfits are often supplemented with provocative inscriptions, images of cartoon characters, comic phrases and so on.

Moskino stoles are no exception, and they are full of bright colors and unusual drawings.

Stole cashmere Valentino - Italy

Speaking of the famous Italian brands, one can not bypass this world-famous fashion house. He specializes in the production of men's and women's clothing, accessories, underwear and perfumes.

Undoubtedly, this brand is luxury, its fans are world celebrities of all time, since the day of its foundation in 1960. Although everything began with the opening of Valentino Garavani small studio in 1959, nevertheless, one of the first clients of the salon was herself Elizabeth Taylor.

Needless to say - the stole from this world brand will not be compared to anything. 100% cashmere will envelop you and fall in love with yourself from the first seconds.

Italy at all times was famous for its stunning footwear and clothes. Here, just a mass of talented designers who are gurus in the world of fashion. In addition, all products produced in this country are invariably famous for their highest quality. Therefore, women from all over the world are dreaming of possessing at least a few Italian things, and stole is a great opportunity to realize their dream.