Sunglasses - the most current trends of this year

The sunglasses are in demand for all fashionable accessories in the spring-summer season. Correctly selected models not only support the vision at a good level, protect against ultraviolet radiation, but can also give the image a new fashionable chic.

How to choose the right sunglasses?

To choose an accessory such as sunglasses should be approached carefully and responsibly. They should not only reflect the latest trends and design solutions, but also reliably protect pupils from harmful lighting. The retina of the human eye is too susceptible to exposure to ultraviolet radiation and temperature changes.

Design houses take into account all the details: the ergonomics of the frame, its design and the characteristics of the glass. Choose such an accessory is not only on the external characteristics, but also on how much glass corresponds to the indicators of healthy eyesight. The best sun glasses should match the following characteristics:

  1. The first thing to consider is the presence of real glass. Good optics can not be plastic. In plastic products, the pupil does not receive protection from ultraviolet radiation , the retina is exposed to strong sunlight.
  2. Lenses should completely cover the eye. If they are too narrow, like reading patterns, they can not cope with the function of protecting from bright light.
  3. Aesthetic component. This is a matter of individual taste, but it's worth thinking about this in the last place, after satisfying the search requirements for the first two items.

Branded sunglasses

Virtually all the world's leading design houses produce collections of accessories and represent their brands of sunglasses. Any models purchased under one of these trademarks will meet the general standards required for protective sun glasses. They have the following advantages:

Vogue Sunglasses

The Vogue trademark offers consumers many types of sunglasses, it represents a wide range of models from simple optical to products with designer decorative elements. Brand Vogue is focused on stylish lines, clear shapes. You can buy sunglasses Vogue, which will combine all the characteristics of properly selected accessories, which include the following:

Sunglasses Dior

The design house Dior has always been distinguished by the chic and recognizability of its products. Dior's sunglasses were no exception. In the new season, the brand chose to create models that combine youth trends with classics. This was expressed in a combination of the following details:

Sunglasses Prada

In the new season, the designer house Prada presented the following fashion accessories:

Gucci Sunglasses

Designers of the trading house Gucci in the new season of 2017 decided to bet on the classics. The collection contains a minimum of extreme details and excessive decorative techniques. Sunglasses Gucci - is an unfading classic, for which characterized by such characteristics:

Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses

Fashion house Dolce & Gabbana in the new spring-summer season presented a lot of models, among the most important of which you can designate:

Sunglasses Trends 2017

Among the main fashion trends in the new season can be identified several, which include such:

  1. Bright design , it can be unusual metal, or strong plastic frames, fancy shapes and colors.
  2. Classics are the constant trend of the season. Fashion sunglasses can be presented in the form of a truncated rectangle, a circle or a wide oval. Classic frames are combined with the traditional color of the lenses.
  3. Bright mirror or gradient colors of the glasses . This became not only a detail of the image, but also meets the highest ophthalmological characteristics.
  4. Combination of classics and new trends . So, in the traditional frame can be lenses of bright color with inlaid or gradient colors.

Mirror Sunglasses

Fashionable trend of the last two years were women's mirror sunglasses. They are characterized by such distinctive features:

  1. Experiments are conducted with a shade of glasses, which can be represented in different colors. Therefore, any fashionista can buy a product that matches her individual taste, choosing a suitable color palette.
  2. Pros are not only in their unusual appearance, but also in light absorbing abilities. They are ideally struggling with the problem of ultraviolet, reliably protecting the retina of the eye, in addition to all harmful radiation reflects off the surface of the glasses, without deteriorating the quality of the review.

Sunglasses with a gradient

Already for several seasons, glasses from the sun with a gradient are relevant. They have such unquestionable advantages:

Transparent Sunglasses

For those who prefer a low - key casual style and comfort, glasses from the sun with transparent glasses are suitable. They are characterized by the following characteristics:

Sunglasses with folding glasses

The brightest accent of the image will be the most fashionable glasses from the sun with tilting glasses. Such models are preferred by those who are accustomed to combine convenience with profit and to manage the minimum of objects. They have such distinctive features:

Round Sunglasses

With the youth style associated with round glasses from the sun. It is worth considering that they do not fit any type of face , but only to the elongated and narrow. Holders of a broad face are recommended to refrain from such a model. This is one of the classic forms, because round lenses appeared first in the everyday life of man. In the new season, ultra-trendy products will be of round shape with bright mirror lenses in a wide plastic or thin metal frame. Such a model can rightly be considered a true trend of the season.